Cosmic Chamonix

Actually we wanted to hike along the Grande Randonnée 5 from Thonos Les Bains to Les Houches. But we where out of the summer season ... again! And the refuges were already closes. So we decided to take a ride to Chamonix and do several trips from there instead. A beautiful little town with a breathtaking view to the Alps with Europe’s highest...


Turret Arch within the Arches National park in SW Utah. Great spot to find dark sky's and amazing foreground. Nikon D800 25sec at ISO 2500 using the Zeiss 15mm Distagon

Help me with this!

I really like this photo. it is one exposure, I like the foreground etc but in different contests it doesnt do well. When I show it to people in person they like it. I guess I just want to know why people don't really like it. I know there is some distortion in the corners but huh? Thoughts?

Usable lens

Hi fellow night crawlers

I am using Canon 5DM4 and the 16-35III on my northern light tours.
I am looking for usable lens that is faster 16mm or less.
I just tried out the Sigma 14mm Art lens and was disappointed because I want to be able to use f2 or f2.2 with same or better result than the 16-35 on f2,8
Is there any...

Cave Nebula in HaOIIILRGB

Shot with my Canon 300mm f/2.8 (stopped down to f/4), ASI1600MM-C riding on a IEQ45 Pro. 27 hours of integration. This is one of the fainter targets I've imaged. It took way more exposure time than I had anticipated to get a decent OIII signal. At any rate, I'm pleased with the final image. I may revisit this target next year under dark skies...

I am one in Billion

The Location isn't too dark but surprisingly this time capturing milkyway was something a different try. Before sunset we were actually scouting for creating a good composed image, while in drive we found a spot where the water was perfectly in amount and suddenly in our mind how about the reflection of the milkyway on waters and here is the...

Flame, Horsehead, Running Man and Orion Nebula; Pleiades

Two iconic fall targets for astrophotography, Orion's Sword and M45 the Pleiades.

-----> added 3 more hours to Orions Belt and Sword, check out the difference!

Camera: Canon 6D I (unmodified)
Mount: CEM25p
Scope: 71mm APO Refractor 336mm @ f/4.7 (WilliamOptics GT71)
Time: ~ 2.5 hours each @ ISO1000 for...

BWCA Milky Way shot

This August I was camping up in the Boundary Waters wilderness and Canoe area in northern Minnesota and we had one night of clear skies. So I tried my hand at some night sky photography. I did a little light painting on this one. I’ve only done this one before to less than stellar results.
Shot on a Gh5s with a sigma 18-35mm Art lens with...

The might Tryfan

Image is a composite with the mountain took in blue hour and the sky obviously at night. Sky is 9 images stacked while the foreground is a 2 image panorama. I started off taking single shots of the milky way and various foregrounds but with my gear, I need to explore other avenues to make the picture cleaner and reduce noise.

Thank you...

Orion Nebula without astrophotography gear

Sky was mostly clear last night, so I tried another shot with my Nikkor 70-200/2.8E FL ED VR without sky tracker. This time around it was the Orion nebula.

f/2.8, 2s, ISO 1600

466 light frames (388 used), no dark/flat/bias frames, because, let's be honest here, 2s isn't really gonna show any hot pixels and the biggest concern is...

Orion Complex (Deep Sky)

This was actually a second thought after my canon battery died after 2 hours imaging the Pleiades. Only managed 34 minutes of data on this before the wind picked up later in the night and I begun to throw out more subs than I was keeping.
Relatively happy with how far I was able to take it in post before it started artifacting and...

astro photographer of the year 2018

on Tuesday night I attended the astro photographer of the year awards and I came back with highly commended image from the judges 4000 people entered and I made top few to say I am proud is an understatement if your in London visit the exhibition

Joshua The Explorer

An April evening in Joshua Tree National Park. Probably my first tracked and stacked sky of 2018. The ground was shot at very early blue hour before sunrise.

Fuji X-T2
Rokinon 21mm

Branching out for the stars

Took this image in August during the peak Milky Way season. I shot it for 30 seconds at 3200 Iso. I wanted to align the tree with the Milky Way and the Branch with Mars.

Having just started, I haven't really done much stacking, tracking or blending but hope to do some next year.

Feel free to critique. Thank you.

Mounting dlsr to a telescope

Anyone had experience of mounting a dlsr to a telescope. I was gifted a celestron nexstar 127slt a while ago and have seen people on youtube mount a dlsr to it. Wondering whether anyone here has done this, wondering whether the motor on the telescope will be compromised with the extra weight? Wondering whether to switch off auto focus so that...