We've had overcast skies for weeks now so when the stars made a short appearance the other day, I grabbed my telescope and tried to get some footage. PHD2 was playing up again and I have yet to find the reason for that - I was better off with simple tracking, weird stuff. After some plate solving the scope was pointing at M81/82, unfortunately...

California Milky Way.

California does get some extremely dark skies which most people can't believe. Mono County is a great location to capture some really dark skies, plus tons of amazing landscapes for the widefield astrophotographer.

FIrst attempt

My first attempt at Star photo's. Just trying to get the new lens figured out before I attempt milky way shots. so I know there is lots of room for improvement. Any and all advice is accepted and appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Mobius Arch and Meteor-Milky Way Composite

The composite combines three photos from three different times and locations. The arch is from Alabama Hills shot in the day. The milky way is part of a pano shot in the Panamint Valley of Death Valley. And the meteor was from a 8600 feet in the White Mountains, CA during the August meteor shower.

First time trying astrophotography!

I live in the suburbs almost close to country area in PA. This is my first time trying astrophotography. I shot this in my backyard, as I did not want to drive to the actual rural farm land area. I thought that this came out pretty decent for my first time trying. Shot with the Canon 80d and the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. 20 second shutter because...

Milky Way 2019 Calendar


To help you with the planning of your upcoming Milky Way photographs, I created a Milky Way Calendar for 2019 where you can see at a glance the best days to photograph the Milky Way this year, the best time, and the position of the Galactic center on the sky.

You can see a sample on the image and download the 2019 Milky Way...

Beginner Astrophotography

Hi All

I'm planning on going to Banff to shoot some astrophotography for the first time.

So I was wondering what settings and lens should I use to shoot with, if I use a Canon T4i/650d with either a 50mm f1.8 or 18-135mm f3.5-5.6

I was also wondering what are some good tips or techniques also


Everglades dome

Though everything was a bit off that night due to genius move of forgetting to reattach my tripod foot to my camera, I snapped a few anyway by placing the camera in my bag and aiming it. Hopefully I’ll get a second shot at this on Sunday. The Everglades area is nice to get a clear sky and Orion and Sirius were cooperative in the effort.

Public Display of Astronomy

Shot this before Christmas after what felt like weeks of clouds in Minnesota. I had my girlfriend pose for a few shots before setting the timer and running up to meet her. Made for a great Christmas present.

I'm pretty new to this style of photography. So I'd love feedback and tips, especially on post-production. Also, my first post on...

We Are Stardust!

Shooting the stars in Arches NP, 3am clear and cold! A composite of the camera overlaid into the photo. Another layer of the same shot for the back of the camera (canon 6d).

Decay under the Milk way

Crossing the sky above the remaining of what was before a powerful copper ore processing unit we can enjoy the beautiful colors of milk way in another magical night.
I will call it "Window to the Universe"

Rustic Treasures

This is an old hay elevator sitting in a paddock gathers a rustic patina. It was shot with a GH5 and 12mm Leica 1.4f lens and incorporates several exposures to capture the sky and lightpaint the machinery seperately.

from Messier 78 to the Flame and Horse Head

Imaged under bad transparency but relatively dark Bortle 4 skies, this image is 55 subs of 180s each ISO1600 with an unmodified Canon 6D and Skywatcher Espirit 100 ED F/5.5 refractor. Mount was an IEQ45 Pro autoguided.

Calibrated with bias, darks, flats using Astro Pixel Processor

Post: Photoshop CC + HLVG and AstronomyTools plug...

Death Valley Campsite

I finally got a decent lens night photography (Nikon 14-24). This is single 30s exposure with a 1sec iPhone light inside the tent Nikon Df, 15mm, f/2.8, ISO 1600. PP in LR. Any suggestions?