Moonlit Sahara

I remember this night vividly. It was a quiet peaceful knight, the likes of which can be only found in the desert. This image, in my humble opinion, well described the tranquility of the moment.

Lago Ranco at night

First submission here. I really want to learn so I'm really looking forward to all your critiques!
I think there's too much black at the bottom that could be useful to show more stars maybe?

What is an EQ mount

Hi I have a Celestron 127 slt, which I believe does not track the stars. I have contacted celestron and they said I need an EQ mount. Could any of you explain what this is, and where it fits with my celestron.

Electric Chollas at Joshua Tree NP

I got out to Joshua Tree for my first MW adventure of 2019 this past Friday night into Saturday morning. I decided to go to the Cholla Cactus Garden, because it's the darkest location in the park accessible to cars.

This year, I'm going to employ new lighting techniques using my strobes from when I photographed people, and this is my...

Super Snow Moon

At the end of a long day watching bisons in the Jaguey de Ferniz canyon, we decided to call it a day. While driving away we looked back to look at the sunset painting the hills in a soft pink color and there it was...The moon looking huge and extremely bright, it was only after we investigated further we found out it was called a super snow...

The eagle is landing

A few weeks ago on Lofoten islands, a huge geomagnetic storm created spectacular aurora show. It was just insanely beautiful! For me, it was the first time I saw the northern lights and I have to say It was much better than I expected! This is a truly magical spectacle from mother nature.
I don't know if that is just my imagination but I...

Sword of Orion

Spent almost 10 hours on processing this image and still not 100% satisfied with the result, I could easily sink another 10 hours into getting a more pleasing look. Still, I think it's good enough to share with you at this point in time.

Sword of Orion

From left to right:

M42 - Great Orion Nebula
M43 - De Mairan's...

Final Messier 42 Complex

Added another 4 hours of data to my previous M42 but from darker skies in the Everglades. Got all the molecular hydrogen around the nebula out now!

160s x 180s for main image and dust, 12 x 30s and 12 x 10s and 1s for HDR on the core of the nebula. Had to make like 10 layer masks to balance out the bright and dark areas...



Hi guys! New to this site. I love this photo because my friend is standing right under the Milky Way core, and you can barely tell, but when you do, it gives the sky above a crazy perspective. One of my favorite MWC shots.

Self Portrait

For this exposure, I decided to run out and be in the frame. I had just purchased the flashlight which light paints the foreground. I decided to leave the plastic casing around the flashlight, and I'm glad I did. The plastic coating caused the light to spread across the foreground in a favorable way.

Astrophotography from an airliner

Good day, I wanted to share my experience of shooting astro from unconventional platform of the airliner cockpit.
This vantage point offers unusual opportunity of shooting night sky with virtually no light or atmospheric pollution.
On the other hand the actual shooting platform is constantly mobile, in fact moving at more than 600...

We Are Stardust!

Shooting the stars in Arches NP, 3am clear and cold! A composite of the camera overlaid into the photo. Another layer of the same shot for the back of the camera (canon 6d).

Mobius Arch and Meteor-Milky Way Composite

The composite combines three photos from three different times and locations. The arch is from Alabama Hills shot in the day. The milky way is part of a pano shot in the Panamint Valley of Death Valley. And the meteor was from a 8600 feet in the White Mountains, CA during the August meteor shower.

Flame, Horsehead, Running Man and Orion Nebula; Pleiades

Two iconic fall targets for astrophotography, Orion's Sword and M45 the Pleiades.

-----> added 3 more hours to Orions Belt and Sword, check out the difference!

Camera: Canon 6D I (unmodified)
Mount: CEM25p
Scope: 71mm APO Refractor 336mm @ f/4.7 (WilliamOptics GT71)
Time: ~ 2.5 hours each @ ISO1000 for...

California Milky Way.

California does get some extremely dark skies which most people can't believe. Mono County is a great location to capture some really dark skies, plus tons of amazing landscapes for the widefield astrophotographer.