First time combining 2 images

So as the title says, This was my first time combining 2 images. The shed was taken at blue hour, Then I combined it with the stars I shot. I don't have photoshop or lightroom so I used adobe after effects. So some feedback would be much appreciated. (I'm also very new to astrophotography)

A very happy accident

Set up my composition with no idea of where Polaris was and went to sleep. Was very lucky with how this worked out and that there were no planes throughout this 2.5 hr exposure. The foreground is a bit noisy because it was lit only by starlight. This is in capitol reef.


Just a quick shot of Orion, surprised I got some of the red mollecular hydrogen alpha cloud to show up with just a few 3 minute exposures.

Canon 6D
Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 @ 70mm f/3.5
9 x 180s @ ISO 2000
iOptron CEM25p unguided

Milky Way in Southern California

I finally got a chance to get out at night for some astrophotography. This is only my 3rd time shooting milky way. Last time I did that I had a Canon t5i so I was amazed by the quality improvement.
Shot with Sony a7rII.
21mm f2.8 20sec ISO 6400

Starry night at Gaube lake

I’ll say it straight away : this shot was not planned at all.

During a trip in the Pyrénées (southwest France) my girlfriend and I decided to climb to the Lac de Gaube just before sunset. We didn’t know exactly what kind of view we would get at this lake. The ascension took us more time than expected and we arrive on location after...


Turret Arch within the Arches National park in SW Utah. Great spot to find dark sky's and amazing foreground. Nikon D800 25sec at ISO 2500 using the Zeiss 15mm Distagon

Milky way from france

Went out to try out stacking mutiple shots, had a hard time to get stars to align themselves... seems easier when lonelyspeck is doing it.
Light pollution coming from Toulon and Marseille.

Hope you enjoy it, interested in hearing any advice!

Bishop California Milkyway Adventure

July of last year I went to Bishop CA with a class for camping and saw and photographed the Milkyway for the first time. I was blown away by its beauty and couldn't wait to photograph it again. This July I made the same trip with the class and was bummed that the moon was too bright and blocked the Milkyway. So me and my friend took a trip for...

Zafra castles

starry sky over the castle of zafra, nicknamed by the series of game of thrones as the tower of joy. location with the cleanest skies of all spain.


Long time lurker, now joined... it's my first post, so welcome :)

Catched this one in Beskid Niski in Poland, highland area with relatively low light pollution. I was lucky enough to get the biggest one I've seen in years. Fuji X-T2 with 16/1.4 @f/2, 20 sec without sky tracking, just on a tripod.

Have a great day everyone!

Northern Illinois Nights

Oh how I love the power of stacking star images. This is a six image stack using the free stacking program Sequator. I also used Lightroom to pop the milky way and tone down the light pollution. This is shot about 90 straight west of Chicago and the light pollution out here is still pretty strong. I'm longing for the day I get to head out west...

New to the group!

Hello to all! Im new to the group as well as Fstoppers. I wanted to share a few I took of the Galaxy 2 weeks ago. Happy to be here and inspired by everyones work!

1st Attempt Astrophotography - Critque

Hi - this is my first post at Fstoppers!

I went out last weekend attempting to capture the milk way and meteors from the Perseids meteor shower.

I have a Nikon D5600 with the kit 18-104mm f/3.5 and a Nikon 35mm f/1.8.

(Since then I have ordered and received the Rokinon 10mm f/2.8)

If I were to re-do I would...


Because I had no interesting foreground I decided to put myself there instead. Actually I don´t like selfies as long as they become art.

I feel kinda small when I look at the picture. There´s so much more to discover and I can´t expect to travel the world.

Waiting for the meteor

This picture was captured at the night of the Perseids Meteor shower. The background image is a 9 frame panorama, I shot it based on app because I'd like to get the radiant point at a specific position, then it can have a connection with the people on earth. And also I have 2 #canon 6d to capture the meteor. When doing post-processing, I put...

Play by Fire

Shot in Kaza, Himachal India.
Blended 2 exposures one for steel wool and the other for milkyway.
Sony a7iii + Sigma 20mm F.14.
All thoughts welcome.