first attempt, advice and feedback appreciated..

this is my first attempt at some night / astro type photographs, was shot on a Nikon d600, 24mm, f 2.8, 30 sec. It took...
Last: February 17, 2020

220cKress light painted

My dad drove this truck from when it was new till the day it was retired I was trying to take a dynamic shot for him to...
Last: February 16, 2020


Me presento en esta página con esta fotografía que le tengo un cariño muy especial. Recuerdos de una de las mejores...

6 Panel Mosaic of ROMCC

Another collaboration with my good friend Andy. Target acquisition was last spring at Texas Star Party. Just now...
Last: February 5, 2020

Big Bend Rainbow: From Cygnus to Orion

Another collab with my astro-buddy Andy. This was shot over Christmas in Big Bend National Park in far West Texas. Pano...
Last: February 5, 2020

Sow in Hawaii under the stars!

Heres to my last trip up Mauna Kea where it was cold.

A Pu'u (cinder cone) under the Milky Way.

Going back to summer of 2019 and I can't wait for 2020 Milky Way season.

Trails in Bundanon

This was my first attempt at capturing star trails. I took this at Bundanon Trust - Riversdale Property, NSW. This was...

Orion and Barnard's Loop over ancient basalt pillars

It's been a rough few months for astrophotography in Washington with constant cloud cover. Finally had a window of...


Big Island of Hawaii. Snow on Mauna Kea. It was cold and we were leaving the Mauna after sunset and i decided to stop...

(M42)Orion Nebula, (M43) De Mairan’s Nebula and (Sh2-279) Running Man Nebula from Mouna Loa.

Late night adventures! 11/2/19 11:30pm (M42)Orion Nebula, (M43) De Mairan’s Nebula and (Sh2-279) Running Man Nebula...
Last: January 22, 2020


Taken back in 2017, this was my first experience capturing aurora with a DSLR.

On The Lake

Long exposure at one of my favorite lakes.

Milky Way Calendar 2020

To help you plan your Milky Way shots this year, I created a Milky Way Calendar so you can check at a glance the best...
Last: January 14, 2020

Orion Nebula

M42, Orion Nebula 6 x 30 sec exposures
Last: January 7, 2020

My first...

I was on the island of Rarotonga recently, while the Milky Way was directly overhead at midnight. I tried for days to...
Last: January 4, 2020

"I See A Bad Moon Rising"

Actually it was an awesome moon, but Creedence Clearwater instantly came to mind while I taking this.
Last: December 31, 2019

Little church under the stars

It was a freaking cold night yesterday. These are some tests waiting for the 21st decemer. Feedback welcome
Last: December 30, 2019


Was lucky enough to bear witness to an all too rare aurora display back in September.
Last: December 30, 2019