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Andromeda in my garden with a 70-200mm and no astro gear whatsoever

Inspired by the image of the Andromeda galaxy Jimmy Zhang posted the other day I decided to give this try. The catch:...

Milky Way at Moraine Lake

A photo of the Milky Way Galaxy during a hazy summer night at the iconic Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.

Milky Way with a 16-35 F4 lens

I was backpacking in the mountains and I was out taking a bunch of shots at 16mm, but I preferred a tighter composition...

Can you help a newbe please? Purple patches problem

I tried to take a picture of the milky way, but as you can see on crop of the picture I've uploaded (100% size), there'...

Architecture of Cosmos

And here is my first picture with the whole arch of the Milky Way. Last week I went to this emblematic lighthouse on...

Gateway to the realm of infinity

A few days ago I visited the beautiful village of Castro Laboreiro, part of the Peneda Gerês Natural Park in Portugal...

Alabama Hills

We arrived here at night, after many hours of travel. We could not see much since there was no moon and the light...

Star Trails

Not sure how I feel about this one yet. I think it's decent but I'm sure there's room for improvement. There's certain...

Nights in Náriga

We arrived at this point on the Galician coast at half past three in the morning. The moon was setting over the sea (79...

Night at Gonbo

The iconic peak Gonbo Rangjon under the milkyway band. Zanskar. (c)

Magical Phugtal

Phugtal monastery under moon and trailing stars. Zanskar. (c)

Rise of the Galaxy

The Dainthlen bridge of Meghalaya with the milkyway core rising behind it. Light painting is done by bike's headlamp...

Western Veil Nebula

Whispers from the past! Reminisce of a star that blew up a long time ago. Shot with a SVBony 503 80mm scope, Altair...

Above the smog

Took this amazing shot of the galactic core after a month of wildfires and inversion in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah, a...

The Cathedrals

Incredible beach on the north coast of Spain, where water and sea have shaped the cliffs for hundreds of years. Turning...

Perseid meteor!

I have not had a lot of luck in the past capturing perseid meteors because it is prime time hurricane season in Florida...

I ka wā ma mua, i ka wā ma hope

The beginning of Milky Way season! Here in Hawai’i we can capture all past, present, and future. Mo’olelo or stories...

The Triangulum Galaxy - Messier 33

My first Triangulum Galaxy image. Pretty happy with it, 3 hours worth of 180s subs at iso1600 with a Canon 6Da on a...

First post to the group - Lunar eclipse

Just sharing. It was amazing to finally get to see a total eclipse without clouds interfering. In the first image, my...

Aurora in Oregon

Got this near Maupin Oregon. First time I had ever seen an aurora.