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Counting Stars

During summer I had the opportunity to try out the Nikon D750 with the kit lens (24-120mm) shooting the milky way,...

Geminid Meteor Shower

This is a stack composite of two shots from the Geminid meteor shower. I tried photographing them 3 years ago (to the...

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Comet NEOWISE over Mono Lake, CA

Photo taken July 16th, 2020. Night 1 at Mono Lake, CA...completely clouded over in the northern skies. Night 2...cloudy...

Mystical Eclipse

Composite of two images taken in Chile during the Total Solar Eclipse on 2nd of July 2019. I took the foreground image...


Started with astrophotography, and don't know why my pictures comes out so grainy. If you can help me out with that, I...

Milky Way over ruins

Hey guys Sorry my innocence, I’ve never done Astro photos before... I was planning to attempt shooting the Milky Way...

From our camp in Joshua Tree, CA

milky way rising over our camp in indian cove, joshua tree, ca feedback appreciated

Waldon Pond

Taken this summer during Covid-19 lockdown, I decided to have some night time fun to change things up a bit and take my...

Milky Way on the Tower - August 2020

This has been made with: - a single 3 minutes exposure for the foreground at ISO 200 - 17 stacked exposures 3 minutes...

The Blood Red Sky

Much of the sky indeed glows blood red. That glow, too dim for our eyes to discern, is hydrogen gas excited by the...

Knight of the Desert

We embarked a journey through the “infamous” Baja 1000 territories, driving alone(no other cars) for the second time...


It got cloudy right after sunset as I was waiting for C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) to appear. I took shots every time it got...

SkyHeart | SH2-190

The Heart Nebula, as it is known, covers an area in the sky about about 4x4 full moons in size. A group of powerful...

Black Hole in Space

Black Hole "eating" the star.

First couple Astro shots

Spent the summer working in Wyoming and was fortunate enough to experience a few moonless nights. My dads legacy Nikon...

My first attempt at a milky way

This is my first attempt at a Milky Way photo taken at Stonehenge Memorial in Southwest Washington. I'm not familiar...

First post in Fstoppers

Hello guys, this is my first post here so i don't know really well how it works. I'm from Brazil and this is a couple...

Allos Lake (france)

Panorama, 35mm eosRP

My summer Astro shots

Some images I’ve taken over the course of summer 2020, equipment canon 700d, Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens