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The Last Drive

Heading to the east side of Sri Lanka was an exited tour because the road to that area was so beautiful and full of paddy fields, temples, and lakes. The main point of to head east because it's so less in light pollution that's a great way to take a milky way galaxy.

I went there ones so I know a little bit of the area but I want to find a spot to take the shot, when I reach there it was around 6pm and I found a hotel to stay planning to go next day morning to find ideal spots to take some shots but I came around 8pm out to eat dinner I'm surprised sky was so clear and I can see stars properly.

I was so excited and think let's have dinner later and went to take some shots I found a spot near a big tree and I took some shots in there, on the way to that tree there was this bridge I have opens my sky view app (photo pills) it's saying milky way coming the way I want around 9.20pm so I came here after the tree spot and took some shots. Photos are ok I can see the milky way but I want to do something different only a few vehicles going on this road tripod and camera about the middle to the road, now I need to drive my car to take this. I turn off the headlight put on park lights and remotely trigger the camera and drive slowly.

Luckily no cars came if someone comes that's the end of that camera 📸 💥 it was a huge risk but I have to take it to get this. Then the next day morning when I came to the same spot there were two elephants 🐘 next to that tree, so luck is yours baby.

Sky - iso3500 | f2.8 | 10 sec | 20 Stacked images
Foreground - iso100 | f8 | 30 sec
Gear - Sony a7iii with Canon 16-35 2.8

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Oh i love this combination of milkyway and light streaks. Nice job capturing both.