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Night in a Sri Lankan Lake

I wanted to take a night sky with a lake, so I have decided to move to the east side of Sri Lanka to get less light pollution to capture the Milkyway, as a solo traveler I have gone to few locations to find the right spot to get an image on my mind, finally I have found this beautiful place,

but few cloudy nights I was thinking this is not the time to take but I didn't lose my courage I have planned to stay another few nights. weather app saying it's having fewer clouds so I went there in the evening to take the shot I wanted, I got a blessing it was fewer clouds and the weather was the beautiful sky was magical I have seen Milkyway in my naked eye, so here is my final output.

Sky - iso3500 | f2.8 | 13 sec | 15 Stacked images
Foreground - iso100 | f8 | 30 sec
Gear - Sony a7iii with Canon 16-35 2.8

Photo By Zoncho Photography

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Eddie Johnson's picture

Nice, been working on astro photos as well. There's a lot to it.

Robert Nurse's picture

A lot more than I imagined. But, so much fun!