Straight Out Of Camera

I'm new to the group and thought I would make a goofy post! Let me know what you think of this composite.
Last: July 7, 2019

Which one is better ?

I have been trying myself at composites of the milky way, out of necessity because the available angles here are mostly...
Last: July 7, 2019

New to astrophotography

I always get confused where to focus in astrophotographs. If I have a subject like a car or house in my foreground,...
Last: July 3, 2019

Col de la lombarde

Blending of 3 expositions
Last: July 1, 2019

First time in NZ

My first Milky Way from the southern hemisphere

First time Milky Way

It's my first milkywayphoto. Never done one before...What do you think?
Last: June 28, 2019

Milky Way inspiration

A good source of inspiration is always good for shooting the Milky Way. I've been working on a project trying to gather...
Last: June 23, 2019

Milky Way at Moraine Lake

A photo of the Milky Way Galaxy during a hazy summer night at the iconic Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.
Last: June 23, 2019

Oregon Coast by Night

I don't often get to do astrophotography, maybe once or twice a year, but I would love to do a lot more of it as it's...

Beginner Milky way shot and edit with 50mm f2.0

just started photographing, went for milky way shooting on top of a hill during new moon 1st photo is a merge of 3 shot...
Last: June 17, 2019

Walker Pass

Made my way to Lone Pine California and spent the night with hopes of catching some Milky Way images at Alabama Hills...

Post processing

I enjoy portrait and astro photography with my Canon 6D, but am frustrated with using GIMP despite having learned...

Milky Way Over Buscalan

Milky Way Over Buscalan We were beyond lucky to see the Milky Way rising over Buscalan village amidst the rainy weather...

Quick feedback please :)

I am mostly worried about color balance in this image, not one for over-saturated image (especially with dark...
Last: June 12, 2019

Old Tower

I go back to this location but last time was magnificent !!! I have never photographed Torre Minervino in this way...
Last: June 11, 2019

Wide Field 2 Panel of Cygnus

Shot last week at Texas Star Party with a astro-modified Canon 60Da, 24-70mm f/2.8 (@70mm f/4), 300mm f/2.8 (@f/4) and...
Last: June 11, 2019

Old School

We used an abandoned one room school house in Eastern Washington as the foreground for our milky way shoot. A brave...
Last: June 9, 2019

Guardian of the Beach

Taken on Inlet Beach, FL at approximately 4am Nikon D850, 16-35@16 f4 15sec iso6400 10 shot stack in Sequator

Roaming the Central California Sierra foothills

In the foothills north east of Fresno, CA. The ground is a single shot, and the sky consists of 3 track and stacked...
Last: June 6, 2019