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The Milky Way Over Superstition Mountain

CATEGORY: Blend/Stacked

There was a 3-hour window to shoot the Milky Way on Sunday night, so a fellow photograher and I decided to make the most of it and head out into the Superstitions. The shot is a blend of a 4 minute 16 second foreground & a stack for the Milky Way. I’ve been experimenting with really long exposures lately & feel like everything finally came together on this shot. There was a lot of light pollution from Phoenix and the light pollution reduction feature in Sequator made a huge difference.


Sony A7III
Sony 24mm f1.4 GM
Hoya Starscape Light Pollution Filter
Sky: 20 x f1/4 8 Seconds ISO 6400. Stacked in Sequator with light pollution reduction
Foreground: f1.4 ISO 200 4 minutes 16 seconds

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Daniel Hayes's picture

Wonderful capture.... keep up the great work sir!

Jeffrey Moen's picture

Thank you!

EDWIN GENAUX's picture

Great playtime image, I also am not afraid of ground light but have not gotten to the blending and this encourages me to learn.