Spotted Owlets

They were so easy to spot at night than with the day light!

Great Horned Owl

Great horned owl photographed in Central Washington State

Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopard Panthera pardus orientalis One of the rarest and most beautiful wild cats, with less than 100...

Whooping Cranes at Goose Pond, Linton IN

I mages taken at a Photo Workshop at Goose Pond National Wildlife Refuge of 3 of the approximately 800 Whooping Cranes...

House Redocorating

Caught this guy doing a little spring renovation.

Alien World

Never though of looking at the small ponds on rocky beaches for the best anemones, but after a few days I finally...


These are sunbirds in Africa.

Rainbow Bee-Eater.

This image was taken with the Sony A9 and the 600mm Goss lens. The Bee-Eaters had been hawking a new hatch of flying...

Australian Sheep Blowfly.

This is a 20 image live stack using the Sony A71V with the 90mm Goss Macro lens. The flash setup is a pair of Meike...

Mt. Lion

Took a trip to the NC Zoo yesterday. This is my favorite photo from the trip. It was close to closing time and these...

First bird photos

I'm not really a wildlife photographer, but I thought I'd take a stab at bird photography. I learned that birds are...


Not sure about the wing position , any help would be appreciated

Heads or Tails ...?

finding juxtapositions :)

Canadian Wild Geese

The Canadian Wild Geese are a fun bird to take pictures of. They always seem to pose for a photo. Although they can be...

Stealth In The Swamp

I took this picture in Houma, Louisiana. This little guy had just swum up to where I could get a decent photo.

Robin on the run

Flocks of robins have been around our house this spring. This one ran across our backyard.

The sheep and the guardian

This is my first post, after a few months of casual lurking. I hope i get it right ! Sheep (from the island of Ouessant...


meet my boy Dante :) not Dante Alighieri :D

Lucky day fishing

I've been hoping for the chance to photograph an Osprey catching a fish making a big splash for a long time. So many...