little egret (Egretta garzetta)

hey are very skittish and you have to be very careful when they take flight. If they stretch their necks, it means that...

Life and death in the meadow

Certainly not the prettiest images I’ve ever taken but they are dramatic and true to life. I’ve taken macro images for...

Little Blue Heron terror of the pond

This little heron was terrorizing the frogs and tadpoles in my pond. In one image a tadpole is looking into oblivion.

Great Blue Herons

Awesome bird to study. These were photographed at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine, California

Osprey Family

Been documenting this Osprey family at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine, California. Two juveniles and two...

Cooperative Osprey

While floating along in a boat on Winnisquam lake, this Osprey sat and posed for me in a pine tree. f/6.3, Auto ISO, 1/...

Simple Beauty out the back door

We often look to exotic locations with perfect light to capture the beauty of nature. We don’t see the beauty around...

Portrait of a Brown Pelican

Portrait of a brown pelican taken in Manchac, Louisiana in Feb 2022

Coming in for a close up

Took a trip back home to South Louisiana, and as usual the wildlife didn't disappoint.

The Watchful Eye

I can’t get the shot if I’m not out there shooting. Time well spent at the local dock… this Eagle was busy feeding off...


Cc is welcomed

Oh Deer



Eagle screeching

King of the Mountain

A big horn sheep lamb looking over his world in the Colorado Rockies

Eagle - 3

Ok, so you cannot see the light rain falling, but the eagle is trying to catch the rain drops.


perched on a beam...watching the traffic drive by in the light rain

Honey Bee Pollenating Flowers

Photo of a honey bee on flowers (not sure what kind of flowers). This was a shot that I almost deleted after looking at...

American Bald Eagle

Up until 2007 they were on the endangered species list. Now they are thriving in Southern Alaska.

Great Horned Owl

Great horned owl photographed in Central Washington State

See Ya Later Alligator

A small alligator peeking up through the water hyacinths in South Louisiana's Tchefuncte River