On my walk I photographed another standing Heron and when I got home I thought..."How many standing Herons are you...


Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a wildlife photographer. I mostly do cityscapes/landscapes but it's nice to change it...

Death in the Meadow

When looking at a praying mantis a word that often comes to mind is evil. This is an insect without mercy that eats its...

“Between the Cypress Trees”

A great blue heron perched between the cypress trees as the early morning sun begins to warm the landscape. The long,...


Taken at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy Taken with an Canon R5/RF 100-500 Let me know your thoughts

Big Bull Elk

This bull was hot on the tails of his gang of 9 female elk.

Portrait of a Limpkin

Portrait of a Limpkin in Fairview Riverside State Park in Madisonville, Louisiana.

Morning Reflections

I took off to Shell Beach, Louisiana (not really a beach) early one morning with a specific site in mind to photograph...

Mom with twins

Sony a7 sigma 60-600mm

Orick Regal

Looking for creative growth advise. This photo was taken on a misty morning in Northern California with a Sony A7 iv...

"Open Wide"

As the sun warmed the sandy beach, a tern stood lazily in the sand, with its dark eyes slowly scanning the shoreline...

Blue Heron hangin out

I came upon this Blue Heron sitting on the side of a small cliff trying to stay warm. It was a blistery cold winter day...

Swallowtails and Thistle

The Swallowtails are back at Greentree Park in Kirkwood Mo. I was actually looking for goldfinch with my Canon R5 and...

Swallowtail on a Marshmallow

A swallowtail butterfly sitting on a marshmallow flower in Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge in Lacombe,...

Great Blue Heron

Fine Art wall photography

Rapid Feeding

Pileated woodpecker serving dinner - 1.4x on rf 100-500 gave me the reach to get this shot

"Pretty in Pink"

With its pink feathers, red eye staring out from a partly bald head, and a spoon shaped bill, the Roseate Spoonbill...


Saw this one sitting in a tree across the river in NH.

Common grackle

Beautiful colors albeit a common bird

Defending her babies

I have been watching a hawk nest with new born chicks. This was a windy cloudy bad light day with little action. I had...