A Heron Hunting

I love winters in Texas. The sunsets are early but beautiful, the air is crisp, cool, and clear. I visited a pond in Padernales state park in Central Texas and came across this Heron stalking the waters for an evening meal.

Birds, getting ready for fish

I would really appreciate some feedback. I am not a birder but received advice to photograph birds in preparation for the fast approaching Diving Season during which I have a number of projects to complete. Please do provide feedback on any element of the photograph and how it could be improved. I must admit I was a little cynical regarding...

Praying Mantis

I was on a Greek Island when I came across this praying mantis and we spent quite a time eying each other up. It was as inquisitive as I was and remained reasonably still for this macro shot.

Safari for everyone

You don't have to go far to get a wildlife experience. You only need a macro lens, and you are all set.
Take a hike in your garden or a walk in the park. With a macro lens on your camera, you have a huge safari trip waiting for you right outside your door.
These images are all from my garden. It doesn't have to be exotic animals...


Swimming with a sea turtle has been a bucket list item for years. We are here in Maui for a week so I rented some snorkel gear from a local shop and the guy told me the spots where I had the best chance to see a turtle. I got this with my GoPro Hero6 and processed it in both LR and PS. I'm pretty excited about it but would still love to hear...

King Vulture

I literally couldn't believe this natural light, through dirty glass photo turned out let alone needed almost no post work! #tripod and #IS-lenses FTW!

@St.Louis Zoo

Winter roe deer with a gear story

Hi! New member here. I'd like to share something with you.

About the gear:

My last Saturday didn't start very well as I broke my newly bought lens. Mind you, when I say "newly" I mean I bought it recently; the lens is old. It's a 100-300mm Cosina for Canon EF. I tried fixing it but to no avail. AF mechanism is dead. It was not...

Marine life

Hi everyone,

I'm new to fstoppers and I love shooting underwater super macrophotography. My absolute favourite subjects are sea slugs called nudibranches. Please take a look at my images and let me know what you think!