Juvenile Eagle

It was very nice day out and the birds of prey were out scavenging food. This eagle was approached by people and flew...

Winter Preparation

A Lesser Yellownape Woodpecker in the process of drilling hole in tree trunk for storing food for winters.

Rare Condors in American Southwest

Had the amazing chance to photograph the iconic California Condor near Glen Canyon Recreation center. ~300 of these...

Plain backed sparrow

Not quite often to see this guy around in the field near Bangkok, Thailand.

Golf Course Goose

The nemesis of many golfers setting up camp before the golf season starts.

Broad Headed Skink

When I first came across this skink it was very shy, and every time it tried to get in for a shot it would dart back...


I believe that the dragonfly on the brand is a Slaty Skimmer, and the one on the green reed is a Blue Dasher.

Hey, I'm Hungry!

A Great Horned Owl chick in the nest at Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet SC, USA. Nikon F5, 600mm f/ ED IF AIS...

mule deer trotting through the snow

35mm film photography for those who prefer a softer look... Shot with Pentax K1000 and Ilford HP5 400 know for soft...

"The Eyes are Windows to the Soul"

After several attempts at getting a good shot of this horses eye, I gave up, so that I wouldn't bother him much. The...


Bullfrog staring at the camera


Took a picture of this junco rummaging through the grass. I believe they are winter visitors (here in Virginia) and...

Wild pony

Hi guys Any feedback on this photo I took yesterday? EOS R + EF 70-300mm L 1/500 f5.6 ISO 100
Last: April 1, 2021

Bald Eagle in Black and White

When I saw the eagle in this tree I knew it would make for some really good black and white photos. I sat and took...

Nictitating membrane

Somehow I got tired of common kingfisher shots and decided to go for nictitating membranes of the bird. I have tried...

The Raven

An Edgar Allan Poe homage

Snow Goose Migration, Feedback Welcome

So far, I have only included landscapes in my profile and I am considering sharing some of my wildlife images, as well...
Last: March 27, 2021

The stare-down

Taken in Yellowstone National Park

Unnatural Nature - shooting jpg

Do you always shoot RAW? I really enjoy Fuji's film simulations. What's your take?