Black And White - Coyote

I don't often do black and whites, however when I noticed that the background behind this coyote was almost completely black I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I underexposed the image a little bit and then with a bit of editing, and desaturation I managed to pull out this shot. What do you guys think? Is the edit effective?

Synageles venator

I have never expected to meet this spider: Synageles venator. And again: he was sitting on my wall the other day.
What is curious about it is that it looks and behaves like an ant. When threatened he even puts his second pair of legs up to make them look like antennae.
11th August 2019 @ Niepołomice, Poland

Salticidae sp.

I noticed this little fella in the morning when I was closing house door on my way to work. I made a few pictures and went on with my day.

I thought to myself that maybe I will find him when I'm back from work.

And sure enough there he was in almost the same spot on my house door.

I kindly asked him to pose for a few shots...

Young Coyote

After learning about their history and survival when it comes to human expansion coyotes have been one of my favorite animals. So when I heard from a friend early in the day there were three coyotes hanging out by the road I knew I had to get out there.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance until the evening, but sure enough as I drove...


Walking on the path at a local lake last night, this little one was just bathing in the waning light.

Easing into wildlife photography.

I generally do events and/or specific photography for my clients and employer, but I've been trying to branch out into outdoor/wildlife more as I'm fond of nature and walking/hiking gets me some much needed exercise. Here's a few from this spring that I thought I'd share as my into into the group.


I would like some feedback on this photo on an infant langur monkey. Does the reflection in the animal's eyes and the facial expression tell the story? Could I crop/process the image differently to make it more impactful?

Bird feeder Thief!

Trying to find out what kind of squirrel this was in my cousin's bird feeder I came across this great tidbit from the Iowa DNR!

In Iowa it’s hard to go outside without at least glimpsing a squirrel. This nimble and common wildlife family is well known for its acrobatic tendencies and potential as a garden or bird feeder thief. But do you...