Red Fox Kits

These two young ones come out to investigate the area while mom is away.
Last: June 3, 2020

The Stray

I’m new to the world of wildlife photography I’m looking for constructive criticism and critiques on my photograph of...

The lovely parakeet landing...

I am fortunate to have some of our common birds around my rooftop during this lockdown. This is just one of those...
Last: May 31, 2020

Swamp Harriers in flight

Adults are shy and will do a 180 as soon as they see a human. Juveniles have yet to learn this. 1. Adult starting the u...
Last: May 31, 2020

Great Gray Owl

Lucky enough to spend a few hours with this Owl last Wednesday
Last: May 30, 2020

Which Lens for wildlife? 400 or 600 Prime?

I have finally saved up enough money to purchase my first big prime lens. I am stuck between a Sony 400 f2.8 or the...
Last: May 30, 2020

Birds in flight in their environment

Lockdown has been an opportunity to go through the hard drive, revaluing shots that include some context. I've come to...
Last: May 28, 2020

Teenage Duckling

So at my local pond I shot this duckling. It is still a quite young one, maybe around 1,5 Months old at most. I really...
Last: May 27, 2020

Having a Whale of a time in Maui 2020!

Humpback whales are amazing! I took my family to Maui this past February and booked a 3 hour whale watching tour on a...
Last: May 27, 2020


Lake Nakuru national park in Kenya is located at the Rift valley
Last: May 27, 2020

A family of Barred owls

For the past two weeks, I watched this barred owl family very closely. I learned their daily routine and habits. I also...
Last: May 27, 2020
Last: May 27, 2020

Birds at my birdfeeder

Anything I can do to improve these? Nuthatch Mourning Dove Female House Finch Male House Finch
Last: May 27, 2020


DescriptionNairobi National Park is a national park in Kenya that was established in 1946 about 7 km south of Nairobi...

Killdeer Photo Bomber

While shooting on a foggy morning at a local state park a little killdeer kept walking through my shot. So much so that...
Last: May 24, 2020

In Flight

An eagle wondering why the guy in the boat is pointing a tube at him.
Last: May 24, 2020

Risky Composition.

I have taken many photos of squirrels in my yard, but this time I tried a new composition. It's received mixed feedback...
Last: May 23, 2020


A hopeful hermit crab looking at the sun at it sets. I took this picture in playa La Loberia, San Cristobal Island,...

Slider Turtles Basking in the Sun

The idea started out as getting out of the house to go and photograph a few turtles I'd seen a couple of days earlier...
Last: May 20, 2020

extreme depth of field

tried taking a picture of a bird at top of a tree , 30 feet away, at about 45 degrees with moon in the background at...
Last: May 19, 2020