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Ryan Mense
Minneapolis, MN
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Ryan Mense is a professional landscape photographer and Fstoppers editor based in the upper Midwest. His body of work is characterized by vibrant colors and uncomplicated, meaningful compositions that translate strongly to publication and fine art printing.

It's my joy to join in on projects that teach me something new while also contributing my artistry and abilities. Please feel free to contact me about commissioned art, writings, or collaborations. Fine art prints are available to order through my website below.


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Hi Ryan,
This is a submission for the FOTD. We backpacked through Zion National Park and hit many road bumps. One of those was an extreme hail storm @ 2800 ft. Tired and nearly at the point of break, we saw light at the end of the tunnel. No pun intended. Thanks for the consideration

Zion Expedition by Danny Severns

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Ryan, I'd like to submit the following image for Photo of the Day. It capped a challenging but great week of shooting in Paris and I had a blast standing out there in the rain, having the whole place to myself that evening. Thanks and have a great day!

Louvre Reflections || Paris, France by Aneesh Kothari

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Here's my submission for POTD. It is one of my favorite shoots during my trip to Japan, and by far my best post processing to date. I hope you enjoy the back story and thank you for your consideration.
Have a great afternoon, and thanks for your contributions to Fstoppers.


Spring Glow at Kiyomizu-dera by Brian Fabiano

Jean Claude's picture

Thanks so much for the POTD selection this past weekend!!

Brett Simpson's picture

Ryan, I really appreciate POTD recognition. My Instagram was like a one street ghost town that suddenly had a huge, crazy caravan drive through. HA. Have a great weekend.


For your consideration for PotD:

Sunrise by Jon Wizard

Branislav Nenin's picture

Hi Ryan,
This is my first attempt for the POTD.
POTD submission:

Burger with soul by Branislav Nenin

Enjoy! :)

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Hi Ryan,

This is my first attempt for the POTD as a brand-new member here.


Loneliness by Jeeves Samara

Greg Desiatov's picture

Hi Ryan,

Thanks so much for selecting my image 'Brittany Colclough' for POTD.

I'm so flattered!


Simon Carter's picture

POTD submission:

Not an ordinary maternity shoot I by Simon Carter