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Ryan Mense
Minneapolis, MN
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Ryan Mense is a professional landscape photographer and Fstoppers editor based in the upper Midwest. His body of work is characterized by vibrant colors and uncomplicated, meaningful compositions that translate strongly to publication and fine art printing.

It's my joy to join in on projects that teach me something new while also contributing my artistry and abilities. Please feel free to contact me about commissioned art, writings, or collaborations. Fine art prints are available to order through my website below.


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Hi Ryan,

Thanks so much for selecting my image 'Brittany Colclough' for POTD.

I'm so flattered!


Simon Carter's picture

POTD submission:

Not an ordinary maternity shoot I by Simon Carter


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Hi Ryan, It's seriously so cool that my last shot was picked out for the Instagram page, as well as POTD.
So, here is my second try, hope you like it!


Fujifilm by jurian kriebel

Ali Saloum's picture

Submission for POTD:

Wedding by Ali Saloum

Thanks, Ryan!

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Ryan, this is my first attempt at submitting a picture for PotD. My wife picked this one out from this past weekend.


First Encounter Beach Silhouette by Brian Neidhardt

Howdy Ryan: I'm not a professional photographer and have no online portfolio I want to share. I simply have a cool photo I took that I'd like to submit to the site for the photo of day consideration. Is there a photo upload form somewhere on the site? If not, sure would be handy if there were! Thanks, Peter

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Hey Pete, if you make a new post somewhere in the Community Groups you have the option to upload a photo that is not tied to your profile's portfolio.

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how about this Ryan.


el capitano by Fatah Muse

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Hi Ryan, Here is my first upload! Hope you like it!

Sunset at Rainey Park LIC NY by Alvin Caal

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Hi Ryan, great name! While going through my old external harddrive after reading the NAS article I uploaded two to my FStoppers portfolio today, and would be thrilled if either was POTD or to just hear your thoughts on them.


Coast of Italy by Ryan Waxberg


Venice Italy by Ryan Waxberg

Thanks for helping this community thrive!

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Thank you so much for selecting my submission for POTD!
Keep up your amazing work with Fstoppers, your articles are full of insight and information and are enjoyable to read as well!