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Ryan Mense
Minneapolis, MN
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Ryan Mense is a professional landscape photographer and Fstoppers editor based in the upper Midwest. His body of work is characterized by vibrant colors and uncomplicated, meaningful compositions that translate strongly to publication and fine art printing.

It's my joy to join in on projects that teach me something new while also contributing my artistry and abilities. Please feel free to contact me about commissioned art, writings, or collaborations. Fine art prints are available to order through my website below.


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Good Morning Ryan. I would like to submit a photo for your consideration. Thank you always


Cheers to forever! by Patryk M

Guayaquil, Ecuador...


Leaving... by mario garcia

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Hi Ryan,
I'm new to fstopper and would like to submit the following photo for photo of the day: https://fstoppers.com/photo/113309

Police Training by cheryl valle

Police officer at firing range with actual muzzle flash (not Photoshoped) back and side lit with flash.

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Thank you for the oprotunnity to have my picture picked as a photo of the day.

Jeff Monk's picture
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Hi Ryan, I'd like the below photo to be considered for Photo of the Day, I believe it has an interesting and compelling story. Thank you for the consideration! https://fstoppers.com/photo/112332

Our Current Home by Andrew Weiss

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Thank you for selecting my image!

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Hi Ryan Mense. . I'm frequent followers of fstoppers.. It's been a great tutor and instructor for me for my photography. When I first joined, they have selected my photo as Photo of the Day. Here I submitted my another and it looks great to me. Please consider this as photo of the Day.


Dawn Time by Abdul Rahman

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Good afternoon FStoppers. I would like submit my recent photo for consideration for Photo of The Day.


Romantic touch - Engagement Session by Patryk M

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Great work!

Patryk M's picture

Ryan. Thank you soooooo MUCH!!!

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Hello Ryan

You can not believe how great it feels to be surprised and see my image up on the first page as the photo of the day, and this feeling of joy brought to me by you... I'm so honoured to be a part of this amazing collection of wonderful beautiful images hand picked by FS. i owe you man, haha

anyway, thank you so much for everything you do, and all the time you spend to keep running one of the greatest websites for artists around the world.

once again, thank you and have a great day

Llewellyn Badham-Thornhill's picture

Ryan Many thanks again for the pic of the day its really a great honor.