The Raven

An Edgar Allan Poe homage

Snow Goose Migration, Feedback Welcome

So far, I have only included landscapes in my profile and I am considering sharing some of my wildlife images, as well...
Last: March 27, 2021

The stare-down

Taken in Yellowstone National Park

Unnatural Nature - shooting jpg

Do you always shoot RAW? I really enjoy Fuji's film simulations. What's your take?

Silent Conversation

This old man and I had the most interesting conversation. He came up to the glass, leaned against it, and just stared...

bird in fruit tree park

pretty bird in a cranberry type fruit-bearing tree in Peterborough NH in March

Swan vs Goose

This swan landed and proceeded to chase off the 5-6 geese that had previously been hanging out there.

Questions for the Wildlife Photography community

Working on improving my hit rate with bird photography. I've been shooting in manual mode the past couple of years and...
Last: March 23, 2021

Squirrel in central Manchester

Found a lovley Squirrel in the centre of Manchester, England.

Geese at a Distance

This afternoon I noticed there were geese again swimming in the Tango's Frog Pond, so I grabbed my D810 and made my way...

Post Production

The importance of post production is one of the best lessons I have learned from this site and I thank everyone for...
Last: July 21, 2020

Brazos Bend State Park

Armadillo,Egret and Dragonfly, American Ibis, Purple Gallinule. Adult Ibis feeding Juvenile, 12 ft alligator
Last: July 21, 2020

Using HSL

I wanted all the color to be on the egret. Since there isn't any green on the egret I desaturated the green. I wish the...
Last: July 28, 2020


I don't see where this could be considered a "snapshot"
Last: February 13, 2020

Different View

Photos of Sandhill Cranes usually involve action. I took these through the woods while cranes were feeding in corn...

DxO Photolab 3.1

Downloaded 32 day trial. This is impressive software. Before and after are not something I would post they just show...

Semi-Cooperative Subject

First successful heron shots at sunset.
Last: January 22, 2020

Profile View

Female Rufus. I use to believe that photos should be just what the camera captured. Then I joined this group. LOL I...
Last: December 15, 2019