Fashion photography pod

Hey! I'd love to set up a Fashion photography Pod, somewhere where we can like/comment on each other's photos etc. I'd like to limit it to fashion/beauty photography/maybe portrait. If you're interested comment your handle below and I'll add you.

You can find me on Instagram under @sadowskaphoto :)

Landscape Instagram Pod

Is anyone interested in starting up - or adding me to - an Instagram Pod for landscape photographers? I have only been in one other pod before but did not find it beneficial as many of the photographers were focused more on portraiture, etc.

Instagram Pod for photographers, anyone interested?

I'm thinking about setting up a Instagram pod for photographers. The idea is to gather a small group of max 15 members (maximum limit for group DM on instagram is 15) for those who post quality images about 2-3 times per week.

My niche is B&W portraiture, Instagram @mutka, and yours can of course be something else in photography. The...

Pod for lighting geeks like me!

I've been toying with the idea of starting a pod that focuses on lighting. Would that be something that people would be interested in? I love sharing how I got the my shot and I want to connect with other people who are as passionate about lighting as I am. So if you're out there, hit me up! You can fine me on The Insta @readylightmedia.

Shadow Ban on Instagram affecting business?

Has anybody had any trouble with this shadow ban? I thought it was just a rumor at first but I've noticed that my post are now getting significantly less interaction. I used to average about 250 likes per image, now it takes forever to break 100.

For those who haven't heard about it, their saying that if you post your hashtags in the...

Instagram Pods

I'm new to Instagram and don't even know what a pod is. Could someone explain and possibly consider adding me or even following? I'm not really sure how to maximize it as a learner, but i really want to connect with others.

3 months - 50 followers. Reality of Instagram.

Let's start by saying that I am not another Andrew Griswold and I am not going to tell you a magic recipe for getting a business through Instagram, or reaching 50k followers.

What I might do however, is to reassure some of you that you are not the only one struggling out there. There is at least two of us!

Who am I then? I am...

Adding Curated Hashtags to Instagram Posts Automatically

Hi Instagrammers,

Adding proper and relevant hashtags to our Instagram posts can be a pain, and so I found out a way to add some curated hashtags to a post without switching from the Instagram app.

This however is only applicable for Instagram for Android.

To do this, you need to have this app installed - https://play....

Starting a Small Online Business

My name is John and I'm trying to start a small online business, working at increasing my overall exposure. I've created an Internet site and have been trying to promote exposure through the use of Instagram. Needless to say, It's definitely a slow process building up followers. I would appreciate any comments on my images and or advice on...

Why I'm not a good at PODS

I used to be a member of the #leadinglinemonday team on Google+. It was one of the more popular themes and as many as 4 of us would try and make sure we visited and commented on every post shared to the theme every Monday. While I really enjoyed it for a while, I started to get burned out when I found myself commenting on sub par photos of...

Worth to see?!

my name is Bastian, as you can read at my Profile I´m a travel photographer/blogger with high quality content. I´d be glad if I can have a litte feedback about my Images and my Instagram Account in General.

My Name at IG is:


feel free to follow, comment or drop me a PM.

Thanks, basti.

matching my monitor with cellphone

Hey everyone !

I noticed that when i upload some image on instagram there is always a difference from what I seen on my computer monitor. There is more saturation and contrast on my phone... do you have any tips to match my cpu monitor with my cellphone?

thanks a lot :P

Instagram deleted me for no reason

Has anyone else had the unfortunate experience of their Instagram account just vanishing? It sounds ridiculous but that is exactly what happened to mine. My username was Onelittletaste and then yesterday after uploading an image my account just simply did not exist anymore. The whole thing was deleted like it had never been. No warning, not...

Drop in engagement

Might just be me, but has anyone noticed a significant drop in engagement in the last week or so? I'm aware of the shadowblocking issue with some hashtags, and (according to the shadow block checker), my posts are "safe".

Impact of new Instagram Business profiles

Does anyone have any experience so far, positive or negative, with the newly added Instagram business account option? I run two accounts, one for my freelance photography business (~6k followers), and for my "day job" (16k). My day job account brings us a LOT of our business and attention, and I'm nervous about messing with it. I know I'll...

Hashtag management

What tools/approaches have you found to work for managing your hashtags? I have been using the TFL Pro app, but it is super buggy. What I do like is it let's me save collections of tags and counts the tags in each collection. Anything like that out there?


Instagram Picture Selection Dilemma

Hi there!

I am an amateur photographer living in London. My main occupation is doing a Masters degree (clinical research) at Imperial College London, but I do some freelance work from time to time (events), mainly thanks to the jobs being advertised through the facebook page of my university's photographic society.

So I have this...

Any social networks worth the time alongside Instagram?

Hi, pretty new to promoting my work over social media. I've been putting my efforts into Instagram for the last while and am happy where things are going. I'm wondering though if anyone thinks any of the other networks are worth the time - Google+, Flickr, 500px etc. etc.

I don't really have the time to maintain a bunch of different...

I'd love some advice

I'd love if it I could get some critique on what I'm doing right/wrong from some more experienced instagram users.

I've never been super into social networks so that's probably my first hindrance.

I know that I should be posting more often for sure but aside from that I'm trying m best to tag and do what I can but there just doesn...

VSCO. The new thing?

Hello there!

Living in a large family, new apps are a daily occurrence. Recently, one family member told me about VSCO, which is "social media for artsy pictures" as she called it. I Like the idea of photo based platforms, and instagram has been HUGE for me recently.

My question is this: could VSCO become the next large social...

Plan of action? (How do you take advantage of great feedback?)

So since my last post (two posts down I think, about making separate accounts) I've been forging ahead and have added 150 followers (in the 300s now...woo hoo, ha ha) and gotten some great feedback. I've also followed and liked a ton of other accounts that inspire me and I really enjoy the flow and community I find on Instagram.


New member @alexander_roan

Hey everyone, I've followed fstoppers for a while, but just signed up today.

I am in the 1st year of setting up my photography business. I've mostly been doing shoots for small businesses so far.

I would quite like to connect with some of the community on instagram, so please say hi if you would like to connect. Also love to get...