High-end supplement to Instagram

If we assume that Instagram is used by photographers mostly because of its massive size, I would like to hear opinion what photo-network would be live and genuine photographers exhibition network that would be high-end counterpart.

For some time I thought it is 500px, and indeed there are lot of truly excellent stuff there. However, when...

Fashion/Lifestyle PoD

Whats going on everyone. My names Victor, and I'm a fashion/lifestyle photographer. I would love to create a pod of like minded photographers with similar subject field to help each other grow. We all know how tough growing your following can be and doing it together can only help. Looking for photographers that are constantly posting and...

Whatsapp Photography/photographer pod

What is Instagram pod?

Instagram Pod is a group of people dedicated to liking and commenting on each others’ photos, in hopes of creating engagement and ranking favorably within the algorithm. Pods are intended to help each other gain more visibility in the Instagram algorithm because if a recently posted photo is getting lots of...

Will this post attract or deter business?

Hey all,

I have a question regarding a particular post on my instagram. I was wondering if members of this community think something like this would attract business or if it would deter business by making it seem like anyone can do what I do. I recently had a disagreement with someone close to me regarding the post. Their argument is...

Music Photography Pod

After scrolling through, I didn't notice much about music photography/ videography. Would anyone be interested in starting a Pod dedicated to music related media?? Let me know @thinkbeforehand

Landscape Instagram Pod

Is anyone interested in starting up - or adding me to - an Instagram Pod for landscape photographers? I have only been in one other pod before but did not find it beneficial as many of the photographers were focused more on portraiture, etc.

Critique the Community iPhoneography

Submit Your Best Images Taken with a Smart Phone for a Chance to Win One of Two Free Fstoppers Tutorials

The launch of Critique the Community's new platform was a huge success and so we're bringing another episode that should engage every photographer. This week, we're calling for any picture taken by a smart phone. 

This contest has ended.

Instagram Project For Personal Projects

Hello everyone,
I'm a professional photographer based in Vietnam. I started a separate Instagram account specifically for my ongoing personal project. I also post the images for the project on my personal Instagram but I wanted something dedicated to the project. I'm wondering if any of you out there are doing the same thing and if so how...

Let's Find Each Other On Vero

Hello All,

I am always amazed by the quality of content from Fstoppers community and through this platform I have made a lots of friends who share the passion for photography.

I would like to invite you all to discover each other and grow together (no follow4follow please) on the new social media platform VERO.


3 months - 50 followers. Reality of Instagram.

Let's start by saying that I am not another Andrew Griswold and I am not going to tell you a magic recipe for getting a business through Instagram, or reaching 50k followers.

What I might do however, is to reassure some of you that you are not the only one struggling out there. There is at least two of us!

Who am I then? I am...

New Instagram page

Hi, I created my first Instagram page about two month ago. I'm shooting landscapes/cityscapes, if you can check it out - would be awesome ! https://www.instagram.com/Oleksandr_Mokrohuz/

Instagram as a business platform

I think Instagram is a great platform, crucial to start and impulse new businesses. I say that by experience.. I have a clothing line, homemade, with original designs and high quality. I found myself with the investment and the merchandise, but I didn't have a physical store.
We all know that social media is tough and there are more and...

Action sports Instagram Pod

I've been hoping to join a pod for a while now, but haven't found any relating to action sports. I shoot a lot of surfing photos, but I get a lot of interest from people who skate, windsurf, skydive, etc. Figured I'd throw it out there to see if anyone would like join up and we can help improve everyone's visibility on IG.