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High-end supplement to Instagram

If we assume that Instagram is used by photographers mostly because of its massive size, I would like to hear opinion what photo-network would be live and genuine photographers exhibition network that would be high-end counterpart.

For some time I thought it is 500px, and indeed there are lot of truly excellent stuff there. However, when it is seen in terms of values that prevail in that network, the utter prevalence in terms of likes goes to terribly oversaturated photos, and nudes.

What is recommended social network, where, say, "puristic" photostyle is the most appreciated?

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You pointed me in the right way, though I put term puristic into quotation marks, while I should possibly have been more precise.

Under puristic I didn't mean untouched photos, but photos that are processed minimalistically, given necessary small boost that is not achieved by camera, but is true/realistic. I myself mostly shoot in flat picture control, so readjusting the contrast is necessary at least, but there are always some more things to do, not to create fiction, but to bring up what you have seen or felt.

I feel disappointed to seeing that many massive sites suffer of "Instagram syndrome": that is, people post great pics that don't receive enough attention. Than they push colours and processing more and more and the likes grow proportionally, and than they push processing even more.

At the end, the most of best-rated images look like The Lords of the Ring scenery...