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Will this post attract or deter business?

Hey all,

I have a question regarding a particular post on my instagram. I was wondering if members of this community think something like this would attract business or if it would deter business by making it seem like anyone can do what I do. I recently had a disagreement with someone close to me regarding the post. Their argument is that my post might make people think "well if he can do that with a phone then I can do that with a phone too" My instagram has less of my professional photos and more behind the scenes and creative images i've done with my phone. I know that I should probably shy away from that and try to consistently post actual professional images that I've done but for the sake of argument, what does this community think of this particular post.

My argument is that fine if someone tries to take a photo like this with their phone they will soon realize that they are gonna be sorely disappointed because the image was lit for the professional photo and they don't likely have the knowhow to do it. Photography is more accessible than ever and anyone can get into it but the majority can buy a competent dslr and still not produce the same results because of the experience I have. Any how I fear i'm rambling let me know what you think.

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Sennia Kyle's picture

If someone is only just now realizing that they can take excellent shots with their phone - assuming they have at least a little bit of creativity - then they're late to the party. That's been the case for a while now.

In my opinion I don't see how this post could hurt business. Attention spans on social media are such that I doubt anyone would look past the subject matter of the photo to pay any attention to what kind of camera was used to take it (unless you're trying to attract photographers maybe but possibly not even then). Tons of great images are taken with phones these days and everybody knows that already.

Does IG attract business for you?
If BTS and phone images are the bulk of your posts what are potential clients seeing in you?
Not trying to be negative but despite the chatter about some people getting gigs on IG I never got any bites. My website got the inquiries as people Googled services for a particular region.
That and referrals.

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IG does attract business for me, yes... but, I don't get a ton of business from my website. Most of my work is referral via past clients, and then instagram after that. To be fair, I don't have any BTS shots in my main feed - I save that and other not-actual-portfolio-shots for my stories. Does that help?

For what it's worth, I think this is a really nice picture, whatever the tool used. :)

Mark Davidson 100% agree with you. I don't really invest enough into my instagram. My website however is where I get most of my work because that is what I show potential clients I don't generally show them my social media just because my website is what I've spent the most time on and I'm proud of it. I suppose if i put more effort into instagram it could work well lol.

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The picture itself is very professionally lit and has nice pop colors. What I don't understand is people trying to make close-up pics with the phone camera...

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I understand where the person was coming from when they made the comment. Your post makes it seem as if the shot was done with just a phone, when actually it wasn't. It makes the job seem easy so why would anyone want to pay a professional.

Yes, when they try themselves they will find that it isn't easy... but the fact that they are trying means they didn't hire you and, worst still, when they fail they may think you were bullsh$%ing.

Also not a fan of the fact that the front of the sushi closest to the camera is in deep shadow. What is in the sushi is generally important so I think it would be good to have some light bounces back so you can see it.