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Whatsapp Photography/photographer pod

What is Instagram pod?

Instagram Pod is a group of people dedicated to liking and commenting on each others’ photos, in hopes of creating engagement and ranking favorably within the algorithm. Pods are intended to help each other gain more visibility in the Instagram algorithm because if a recently posted photo is getting lots of engagement (likes, and comments with more than four words, and not a series of emojis), chances are it’ll rank favorably in the algorithm.

Rules for the pod:

When you post a picture, send it as DM to our group chat in Instagram.

When someone posts in the group, everyone needs to like the post and leave a thoughtful comment larger than 5 words. This is not a copy paste unconscious pod. The goal is to have 10-15 people who actually like photography and are going to commit to engaging with posts from this circle.

Reply back to comments from pod members further adding to your comment count.

You should comment on about 80% of posts in the group. Try to do it within the first hour. If you are always late to comment or miss too many you will be warned. If it continues you will be removed from the group.

Team work is key, we all want to grow our followings and we are all into photography so lets help each other get to a better place.

These rules are very important, it is up to each member to follow them, as well as, let me/moderators know if someone is slacking.

I will also try to make a second group for anyone interested around sharing info relating to growth, the Instagram algorithm, and any useful tips/resources.

Reply to this post with @username if you are interested and I will DM you whatsapp details. Not sure how Instagram feels about pods so keep pod details to whatsapp.

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Kawika Lopez's picture

I’m down. @darthkanaka

Steve Busch's picture

I too am down. I am overseas though, so I might be "late" to respond, but ill participate as well as I can...

Andrei Mihalache's picture

I'm ok with the idea :-)

Sign me up Scottie! @travel_drones_life
I'll be more than happy to engage and keep the pod going.


Oleksandr Mokrohuz's picture

I am interested @oleksandr_mokrohuz

Mauro Scattolini's picture

That's a really nice idea! I'm in @mauros.photography

Zach Eisenbraun's picture

Sounds good to me @zephotos on WhatsApp and @zacheisenbraunphotography on IG.

Robert Flanagan's picture

What a great idea! Id love to help out. @rfp.ie

Deleted Account's picture

sounds good @daenaskinner

I am in @Tammamo

ettore chiereguini's picture

Count me in. @chiereguini.e
if possible, I would like to receive critique in some of my post, it would be very appreciated. I don't mind harsh constructive critique.
thanks very much :)


Would love to. instagram handle is @mt_visuals_

Marcus Posada's picture

Sounds interesting! If the pods still up and running I'd be happy to join and contribute. @posadaism

Mikee Catacutan's picture

If this is still around I'd love to join... @hello.mikee

Freek van den Driesschen's picture

If still possible, I would like to enter as well... @fotofanatic.nl

Dan Marchant's picture

I responded three days after the OP but never received any follow up back then. Doubt the OP is still active now.


Check out my portfolio while you are at it! www.aaronjcunningham.info

meg tee's picture

is this still going on? i'm just starting out and would love to be part of this. need the boost. my handle is @truelensbymeg

If this is still on i'd love to take part!

Hi is this pod still going on? @pjpfotography

I am interested.... @stillkraftphotography

@andersbeierphotography. Im in