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Instagram Project For Personal Projects

Hello everyone,
I'm a professional photographer based in Vietnam. I started a separate Instagram account specifically for my ongoing personal project. I also post the images for the project on my personal Instagram but I wanted something dedicated to the project. I'm wondering if any of you out there are doing the same thing and if so how is it going?
Here is my project account.


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That's a cool approach! I guess that works best when you have an on-going project that has big possibilities or never ending or being a very long term one. I thought about doing one for a still life series that i have planned that will take a bunch of images to complete but I believe I will eventually run out of phrases for the project. So I don't think doing a dedicated instagram for that is as good as this one.

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I did the same thing, then stopped. Most everyone i know was on both, and sometimes id post personal stuff, but people on my photography account wouldn't see it, and etc.