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Shooting the same product over and over again for Instagram

Hey guys, so my photographic journey has taken me to Fstoppers a months ago, and I watched every content they post on YT and on here. I have to say I learned a lot!

I have a small brand, I make beeswax candles and soaps. I only have 4 products in my catalog, so it's getting harder and harder to find new ways to photograph the same products. Recently I have been tweaking and photoshopping old photos to give them a second life.

What would be your tips if you had a small brand, not many products, but want to be highly active on social medias? (and close to zero budget).

Thank you all, have a wonderful day.

Charles (@apiscera on IG)

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I'd focus the IG account more on the story and "lifestyle," whether that's behind the scenes at bee hives, or making the candles, or pinterest-style home decor inspo that subtly features the candles. I love beeswax candles candles as much as the next person, but I only need to see so many photos of actual candles in my feed.

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hey Caleb, thanks for the feedback! Yes it makes sense! I recently had the idea of renting an airbnb in my city just to have different locations to shoot. I have small appartment and my "atelier"/workshop is not super sexy. I wish I had a beautiful workshop with big wooden tables, lights coming in from the windows, beehives etc.. but yes mainly more lifestyle around the products rather than the product itself. Cheers.

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You could always work with other photographers sometimes(I might be interested) so that you could add some fresh and possibly different looking content to your social media.

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Good evening Jeff, thanks for the tip! I do that sometimes in deed. But it's also good to keep a certain style and coherence in the branding, is it not? When I see brands on IG, i dont know if they use different photographers but they always have a similar style to all their shots.

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Yeah but it seems like that what you need are maybe the same tones and colors in all the photos but different scenes.

I'm not talking about totally different styles like a pro white backdrop studio shoo and then like some rustic bathtub scene in a mountain cabin.

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Rustic bathtub scene in a mountain cabin sounds cool :-)

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The biggest challenge is that it will be hard to build brand excitement with only 4 products. You definitely need to invest the most effort into expanding that, even if it is the same scents in different containers or bundles.

After that, with a limited budget I would work to find interesting photographers, models, and locations to get new photos by trading your products for access. Find photographers and influencers where you like their style and send them free product in exchange for photos and posts. Even small hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Airbnb, retail stores, yoga studios, etc may let you take photographs there for free if you provide them product in trade.

Many smaller brands such as candle makers expand their customers through creating "private label" goods which are your products with their brand logos on the container, label, or product. These other brands can become key partners and expand your social media reach. Small hotels, clothing stores, spas, hair salons, etc are good candidates for this. Look at @DetroitWick for inspiration. Detroit Wick often makes sample private label products and then gets volume orders.

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hello Scott, great idea thank you! Co branding or Private label is definitely something i will look into.

I know i have to build more products, but you know how it is.. I dont even pay myself for my work so it's hard.

This year I'm starting to contact influencers and have seen a significant increase in my follower base and conversion.

The only tools that i have are my candles, my camera and my brain. :-)

Thanks for the tips, have a great day!