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Instagram Pod for creative photographers, anyone wanna join?

Yes, you've heard it! I am starting a pod on Instagram for mainly landscape and travelphotographers. Anyone interested?
This pod is for serious and active photographers.

You can find me on @fredriksupertramp on IG!

Hit me up with you usernames :-)

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I'm down to join @drewzshots

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@shotbychris 25k followers

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love to join ! :)

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@mariasahai, I'll be happy to join ;)


Hello :) i would also like to join your pod, i am a 24 year old photograper from Germany - Stuttgart, i shoot especially landscapes and citys - @visualsfg


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would love to be part of @blackngeauxld

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Count Me In @deemwave

@limmichelpics dreamy pictures of travel landscapes and places. Based in PARIS, FRANCE Have a nice day Fredrik

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is this still alive ??? hit me up @mfgonz

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I'm open to join @travel_drones_life

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I'm open to join photography @arefbarahuie

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What a great idea, I'd love to get involved @rfp.ie


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