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Cody Schultz's picture

Landscape Instagram Pod

Is anyone interested in starting up - or adding me to - an Instagram Pod for landscape photographers? I have only been in one other pod before but did not find it beneficial as many of the photographers were focused more on portraiture, etc.

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Crystal Provencher's picture

Oooo i would also be interested in this! Ive never joined a pod though.

Cody Schultz's picture

Let's see if we can get close to fifteen people interested on here before we officially start one :)

Me too. Followed you both on ur SM for staters.

Desmond Herbert's picture

Add me i do landscapes periodically anima_photographer

Now that I've googled "instagram pod", I'd definitely be interested in this.

Vitor Silva's picture

I'm interested to, but like others I'm new to the "pod" business

I'm interested in joining the pod, although I'm new to this pod thing.

Cody Schultz's picture

DM me on Instagram and ill add you - @iamcodyschultz

I am interested too!

Cody Schultz's picture

DM me on Instagram and ill add you - @iamcodyschultz

Keith Calandro's picture

Interested as well, new to this too

Cody Schultz's picture

Message me on Instagram - @iamcodyschultz

Samantha Autumn's picture

interested . please check out my page @dq_divaa

Anonymous's picture

Interested! Are you already full? @mariasahai

Cody Schultz's picture

Shoot me a message on Insta @iamcodyschultz and I will see if there is still room

Anonymous's picture

Done 😉

im interested lmk. IG: chapman_photo

Mark Guinn's picture

Definitely interested! @markaguinn

Cody Schultz's picture

shoot me a message @iamcodyschultz

Tobias Nykänen's picture

I'm interested aswell if you still have room @tobiasnykanen

Cody Schultz's picture

shoot me a message on Insta @iamcodyschultz

I'm in. @gloch

Cody Schultz's picture

shoot me a message via instagram @iamcodyschultz

Lucas Waldmann's picture

Add me I do landscape photos and I like to join *_*
Instagram Unsername: adventure.travel.trips

Remy De Canniere's picture

Hey ! Are you still looking for members ? If yes, you can add me on Instagram at remydc.photo

Super interested in joining a pod/pods too. @dancingpixelsfashionart. fashion, portrait, lifestyle, nature, wildlife and travel.

hi @limmichelpics landscape of PARIS

Ryan Downie's picture

I would be interested. Should we make a slack or something to post links and images etc? Ryan_Downie is IG

An Nguyen's picture

Hi there! I’m new to this group but I’m interested in joining a pod since I have never joined before, my IG name is a_nguyen91

Also very interested if this is still a thing! My Instagram is @jvn.photo.

Alec Herrera's picture

I have no idea how pods work but im interested. IG @littlemigratingmoney

interested as well IG: travel_drones_life

Marcus Posada's picture

It's been a while since anybody wrote here, but if the pod's still up and running I'd be happy to join and contribute. @posadaism

Eric Hanson's picture

Is this pod still going? I would love to join @ebhanson.pics

I'd love to join a quality landscape pod! If you're still going and interested, I'm @jchnkl on Insta. Cheers!