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Instagram Pod for Landscape / Travel / Outdoor Focus (with a little bit of fresh content is fine)

Please let me know if you want to join instagram pod for better engagement on instagram. Instagram new algorithm is limiting the post reach to 10% of followers or sometime less in few cases. Idea for this pod is to boost up the engagement by linking with like minded photographers willing to like (and/or post a genuine comment) . Group participants doesnt need to follow each other (unless you really want :)) . Nudity wont be allowed as I would endeavour to keep it family friendly group. Thanks for joining and Happy Instagramming (even if you dont want to join :) ).
Post your instagram id here, so that I can share the telegram link. (This group is on telegram so you need to have telegram link and app to follow this pod)..
Timezone will be agreed (UK and US have good time overlap ;) ).


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Hey, I'd like to join. Coordinate through Whatsapp?

Hi I would like to join your pod. My username is @travel_drones_life. Can you send me a DM to the telegram or WhatsApp link?

Steve Busch's picture

@killtronics - i have telegram!

Custódio Silva's picture

Hi, I would like to join this pod if it still possible: www.instagram.com/barba_salgada/

Marcus Posada's picture

If the pod's still up and running, I'm interested: @posadaism

Hi, I'm also curious about this pod! You can find me on Insta: @jchnkl

I'm curious too! Please add me: @ophoto_peterorban