Is green/blue screening skin for retouching later a thing?

I have a shoot coming up that features a sheer-ish bra, and model is not comfortable showing nipple. The bra has fairly intricate detailing, so I don't want to shoot pasties if possible, i got some nipple covers just in case, but I had a thought. If i used blue/green painters tape to cover the nipples, could I then just green/blue screen them...

Russian Post Processing

Hey Guys,

I'm curious to know where Russian Photographers go to develop their style. A lot of the ones i've seen on FStoppers or 500px have similar editing techniques. Aside from their GORGEOUS Models their color palettes, skin smoothing and even style are very similar. I wonder how they edit their images.

Georgy Chernyadyev...

Pushing my gear to the limit

I've heard many times that shooting against the sun it's not recommended but i decided to do it anyway. To my surprise the dynamic range of my D7000 it's waaay higher that nikon would ever care to admit and using just a speedlight in front of my subject i've managed to get this shoot. Let me know what do you think about it

Before and After (photo retouching)

An example of retouching on my photo. Request for photo retouching or to ask questions:
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First Extreme Shoe Retouch

This is my first attempt at a retouch of this magnitude. is there anything that stands out to you? what would you change? how would you go about doing a retouch like this? I mostly used Frequency separation to clean up the dirt and scratches.

1969 Mach 1 Shoot

This was a project of mine. We did two shoots, this one with me in it and then another day we did it again in the same location but with models.

Golden Retriever in a Snowy Field

For the writeup on what I did, hit the link

What else, if anything, would you change? (other than composition, which is a sticking point for me)