Photographing in a forest with little natural light

The sensor got really over happy with green in camera and tinted everything in the shot green. The processed shot i managed to get back using the HSL slider and keeping the skin tones as close to the originals as i could. The green foliage is now very close to how my eye sees it in real life.

Editorial Retouch by Farbod Green (VA Retouch) - Dodge & Burn

Hello to every one out there reading this, either professional retouchers or those who just got started or even only interested in retouching...

my name is Farbod... Photographer, Cinematographer, Retoucher & Colorist from Iran.
You can find me on Instagram @farbodgreen or

Im sure we all share the...

Glamour Retouching

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Camera : Nikon D7200
Program : Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
Took me around 5 hours.
Who should be your girlfriend ?

Before & after of a gymnast at sunrise. Feel free to critique!

Shot at New Smyrna Beach in Florida - we got lucky with a great sunrise. Lit with a Flashpoint Xplor shot into a 60" Softlighter camera left.

Nikon D800 | Nikkor 24-70@48mm | 1/1600s | ƒ2.8 | ISO800

I did a basic edit to the background, adding in cooler temps to make her stand out more. Then I did an edit for her, with a slightly...

Need real Critics

Hi, I want real critics about my work.Everyone is welcome for suggestions and tip.

Image from: Jennifer Mcintyre-NINA-PRIYA

Did I go too far?

I have been using this image as a Photoshop playground of sorts.... figuring out the uses of layer & mask as well as other tools... Then I had it to a point that looked okay and then kept messing with it... So they are in reverse chronological order... Either way it was a useful experience.

Trying some color grading options...

I have been playing with color grading some and I'm getting the hang of the different controls Photoshop offers... I'm just looking for a critique and advice on the edits. I know the photo is kind of goofy, it was a misfire but I thought it was ignore that... first photo was out of camera, we one was Lightroom adjusted and the third...