My wife after a long day of work

My wife knows I like learning how to retouch pictures. She's always letting me take her pictures even without any makeup. She also knows that if I practice with the worst case scenarios, retouching will be much easier when I have access to more sophisticated initial portraits. I hope you like it.

A couple ikea lights and photoshop

Any feedback to improve? I know I didn't start with the best image but I don't have any lights, just used an ikea desk light pointed at an angle and my ceiling lights. A lot of curve adjustments, then did a brights luminosity mask and did a curve adjustment on that mask to give the image a little pop / contrast

Shot with a sony a7r 55/1....

Rescuing Overexposure

I live in Hollywood and often spend time roaming around with my camera. On a recent photo walk, I crossed paths with this excellent Marilyn Monroe impersonator and we took some pictures. It was at the end of the day and I completely forgot to check my settings, and ended up with some severely overexposed shots. Using Lightroom adjustments, I...

Difference in colours: Macbook vs laptop

Hi everyone. I use lightroom in my windows 10, HP laptop( 2016 model) to edit jpegs and RAW files. Recently I opened up a picture exported from lightroom, on my macbook pro(mid 2012 model). And I was totally shocked to see the much more saturated, vibrant and vivid colours. The blues and greens looked more VIBRANT, but the reds, yellows and...

Following your advice

In this picture, I tried to follow the advice that some of you gave me concerning skin texture. I used a speedlight to lighten the face and get more texture. I respectfully ask you to give me your suggestions.

Head Shot Retouch

I'm interested in getting some feedback on a recent head shot I did. I try to use a light hand when it comes to retouching, especially for my clients who deal with the public. The last thing I want is someone being accused of not looking like their picture on the billboard or something along those lines.

Before & after of a gymnast at sunrise. Feel free to critique!

Shot at New Smyrna Beach in Florida - we got lucky with a great sunrise. Lit with a Flashpoint Xplor shot into a 60" Softlighter camera left.

Nikon D800 | Nikkor 24-70@48mm | 1/1600s | ƒ2.8 | ISO800

I did a basic edit to the background, adding in cooler temps to make her stand out more. Then I did an edit for her, with a slightly...


Dear Friends,

As a beginner photographer, one of the hardest things for me is taking a portrait that retains the skin texture. What is the best ISO to do it? What is the level of underexposure for the original shot? I took this shot of my wife, but the skin on her face does not look as I wish.

I need critiques please!!!

I want your opinions good, bad, and, ugly. I am open to any and all suggestions. I'm in an awkward phase of my photography and I could really use the help. Recently learned some new techniques in post so the critiques will definitely help.