Before / After

Hello Everyone!

Im a conceptual Photographer & Art Director from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I would like to share some Before/After.

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any doubt, please let me know.

a big hug!

Shelby Supersnake Before/After

I've always been a fan of images of cars taken in a studio and this was a bit of a personal project I took while doing a small photoshoot for a local Ford dealership. Their showroom wasn't exactly the best setting for the super-exclusive Shelby Super Snake they had, so I strobed the car and dropped it onto a white "studio" background in...

Laptop for photography editing?

Dear Friends,

I am about to buy a new laptop that I will use for editing my pictures. I used to have a Macbook Pro 2013, but broke down, and since then I´ve been using a really basic computer. I don´t want to fix my old laptop because it only has 4gb of RAM, and here in my country, that type of services is considerably expensive. I loved...

Consistent Backgrounds

I'm wondering how JCrew gets their backgrounds so consistent.
Check this out:

If any of you shoot eComm you'll know if you move even an inch from the background you'll get changes in the background brightness. I know the exact lighting setup that they use...

Beauty Retouching Needs... idunno.

Took Julia Kuzmenko's retouching class and boy is it amazing! But my images still aren't as clean as I need them to be in post. I'm missing something but cant tell what it is. Help from any beauty retouchers out there would be awesome.

A3 / A4 calendar generator

We run a large custom backend workflow system built around a bespoke imageDB.

Over the years we have developed numerous tools to meet customer requirements.

Each tool is modular so we occasionaly connect some of them via a simple web harness to the Internet for other people to try out and use.

Our A3 / A4 PDF print ready...

Trying to simulate a long lens

I really like children's portraits that have a shallow depth of field. However, I am trying to convince myself not to get an 85mm lens. I only have a 50mm one and want to get the best out of it.

Need some critique on my post processing

Can you please guide me if my post processing is too much or too little? Am I Missing some important parts? All constructive criticism is much appreciated. Thanks

Model: Georgie Stastny

Image 1 is after, Image 2 is before.