Hi Guys,

I would like to create images images as attached.
Some are taken with film, but I know some are taken and edited digitally...

Does anyone know how you analyse images for colorgrading and how to achieve this look?


Something Different

I'm still in the process of learning artificial light, so the before image kind of sucks. But, trying to go for a "beauty" or "glamour" kind of look???? Definitely not my normal style, not quite sure on it


I am working on a personal project called 'vintage.' This is an example of taking the term to the extreme!


I made this image under not so good lighting conditions at my photoclub. I made a low-key out of it in post and gave it a color toning. I know that post editing is not about making good photos out of bad ones, but this is with what I came up with. Tips anybody?

Tic Toc!

I'm working on a personal project called, "TIME". It's a simple idea of photographing people with clocks. The concept for this photo required a 24" clock with roman numerals but all I had was a 3½" clock so I made a cardboard cutout and inserted the clock later using photoshop. My wife said, "try that in the darkroom" refering to the old film...

What do you see, like, or dislike?

A very impromptu shot on the way out to dinner with the fiance'. One speedlight on the balcony to her left. I've edited this six ways from sunday, and think I finally found a look I like. What do y'all think? What would you do different, and what issues do you see?

Waterfall engagement revisited

This photo was taken middle August 2018 and I applied some editing then to it, what I knew back then. Since then I've learnt a few editing tips and applied it recently. Am I going in the right direction.

new here :) + images

So i am new here as a photographer and here at fstoppers is one of my images out of my portfolio.
if you got some tips for me, tell me because i want to learn way much more ^^!

Mach 1 Tactical Style composite Before and After

This was a personal project of mine, Im actually hoping to do more of these in the near future. The sky, some of the smoke and the helicopter were composited in the rest was just processing through Photoshop CC, Im not a big fan of using lightroom.

Heavy sunset post processing

Post Processing video for this image:

Post Processing mostly done in Lightroom and a little bit of Photoshop. Of course this might be a bit too much for some folks, but I just like it colorful with lots of glow :-)