1969 Mach 1 Shoot

This was a project of mine. We did two shoots, this one with me in it and then another day we did it again in the same location but with models.

Before and After.

An example of retouching on my photo. Request for photo retouching or to ask questions kerrymoore@list.ru
More photos:

Wisteria in bloom

It's been a cold, rainy day - we typically suffer through 3 winters in the South before spring truly arrives and everything is painted yellow with pollen - so I had to bring the outside in. Our yard is overrun with wisteria vines that started to bloom after the 2nd winter, and I snatched this twig so I'd have something to shoot.

The 1st...

Not giving up yet

As a hobby photographer, I sometimes lose my motivation to take pictures. However, from time to time, I like using my old pictures and finding new ways to retouch them. It is a time-consuming process, but at the end, I feel I have learned a lot.

Lightroom help - copying edits between JPG and RAW

I have recently tried using Lightroom on my iPad but didn’t realise everything was being converted to JPG instead of staying in RAW. Now that I’m home from my trip, I want to copy my edits from the JPG files (which have sync’d to my PC) to the RAW files rather than redo them.

Is there a way to have the “Develop” pane open on a second...

Adobe camera raw only portrait retouching

Hi guys, just want to share... portrait retouching with Adobe camera raw only (no PS)... just wanted to challenge myself if I can do it... ^_^

and yes I can (or it can be done) but my laptop couldn't handle the file in the long run (file gets really heavy the more you use clone/heal and brush...