Into the Woods - Input Welcome

The image is of a large Coast Live Oak sitting at the entrance to a shaded glen. I like the way that the light was casting hard shadows through the branches and the ivy and grass encroachment. The first image is out of camera raw. The second image has some curves and levels adjustments with a touch of haze added. the foreground blur has also...

Recent (close up) beauty shoot

Hello everyone,

I recently collaborated with two models and a muah artist to create these photos because I simply wanted to try these kinds of photos at least once and I'd love to know how I can improve on them :)

Please be as critical as you can possibly be, nitpick if you want. Whether it's the lighting, the composition or the...

Crossing bridge before a storm.

Hello everyone!
I was stopped on a local bridge as a storm was moving in. All I had was my iPhone 6s. The second image was cropped and manipulated in Affinity Photo. Rather new to digital post processing so any suggestions are welcome.

Level od post-processing

Hi all, I am a complete amateur who is not absolute amateur: long time ago I was very interested and started serious engagement in classic photography, but had given up for excessive costs of laboratory supplies.

Until recently I had not time to delve into visual digital world, but once I did it, I discovered that my interest is still...

Getting really tired if GIMP

I enjoy portrait and astro photography with my Canon 6D, but am frustrated with using GIMP despite having learned advanced techniques (I.e. changing eye color, smoothing complexion, etc.). My priorities are tethering, RAW editing, and photo management. I've narrowed it down to On1 or Luminer. Subscriptions are not an option.


Frequency separation and crop.

I like subtle changes although the overall image looks totally different at the end of the process. I want to achieve a style in which the untrained eye doesn't perceive the post production in my images. This one has some liquify filter and had to crop it to remove the awkward pose (totally my fault), but posing aside, her face looks totally...

Color to Grayscale...and the Beauty of Dynamic Range

Originally I dumped this image because the lighting was crap. It was the second shot of the shoot, and I was still adjusting. But, going back through the shoot I thought I would attempt pulling the darks up..and converting to black and white. Also added texture to the wall. Camera: Canon 5D MkIII, f/2.8, 1/200, ISO 200, 200mm. Critique welcomed...

Mysterious Light!

In this Video I have explain how I shot this Photo with this Mysterious Light!
I know for someone it looks "Hard" to figure it out how did I use this kind of Light, but watch this Video and you will see it is so Easy...!


Examples of retouching my photos.
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Too much touch?

Working on D&B to remove primary skin issues. Any advice would be great. I'm using Affinity to achieve all processing on this image.