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White Clover

I decided that I wanted to try some layering and additive. The "original" is actually the edited version, but for the sake this edit I started with it. I did not know what else to add but butterflies to this photo, so that is what I did.

Like I said, I have never done anything like this so any CC or advice is welcome and appreciated.

The initial edit was in Lightroom mobile, and the adding of the butterflies was in Pixlr X.

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Jahid Babu's picture

Impressive work

Robert Tran's picture

The original is pretty - don't really think it needs anything. To keep the story centered around the golden light, how about experimenting with butterflies as smaller silhouettes in the distance?

Chloe Kramer's picture

I had not thought of that, I may experiment with that some day this week....