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I made this image under not so good lighting conditions at my photoclub. I made a low-key out of it in post and gave it a color toning. I know that post editing is not about making good photos out of bad ones, but this is with what I came up with. Tips anybody?

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Personally I don't care for the crop. Dropping the exposure around her wasn't a bad move, but now it's a bit too dark. My main issues with this image are the skin smoothing - her face has been retouched to oblivion, maybe back off on it by about 50 to 70% - and her expression, which really kills the image. She looks extremely annoyed.

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I think the edit before/after shows what you did, and i think the result is good, seen where you started.
Personally I'm still learning a lot, but I'm a bit amazed on the level of edit work some people put in. That probably shows how new i am to the subject. ;-)