Eagle - 3

Ok, so you cannot see the light rain falling, but the eagle is trying to catch the rain drops.


Eagle screeching


perched on a beam...watching the traffic drive by in the light rain

Canadian Wild Geese

Down on the water and there is always some type of action with birds...the Canadian Wild Geese always have that...


An Osprey was flying searching for food, He circled a few times before flying away.

Bald Eagles on a Snowy Spring Morning

A pair of bald eagles sitting on an old fencepost on a snowy spring morning just south of Jackson Hole, Wy


There were a family of Canadian Wild Geese walking down the road one spring afternoon, the older geese were leading...

Canadian Wild Geese

The Canadian Wild Geese are a fun bird to take pictures of. They always seem to pose for a photo. Although they can be...

Eagle hanging out

I was driving down the road the other day and seen this eagle sitting on top of the perched, waiting for the food left...

Heron on the beach

Back in September 2021, I was down on the waterfront watching the birds flying, swimming, and standing on the beach,...

Leggo my Eggo

The earlier bird gets the fish. Angry birds fighting over breakfast.

Snowy Egret pruning in Water

This bird was standing in the water pruning.

Snowy Egret B.I.F.

I got to take some pictures of Egrets flying in Colorado.


A Robin on the trail sitting by a tree eating the pine cones.

Attitude - Bird Pose

Down at Titlow Park in Tacoma, Washington, the crow lands right at my feet and poses...

Robin eating the seeds from a pinecone

Out hiking on a sunny afternoon and found Robin eating the seeds from a pine cone. The Robin stayed and ate all...


Lounging by the beach on a sunny day. The poses of each of these birds say it all.


Heron catching a meal

High Speed Flash Photos, Arizona Hummingbird Species

Most photos were made using a 4 head . Olsen Ultra custom high speed flash with 1/30000th second flash duration,...

Reflection of a greater flamingo...

Reflection of a greater flamingo...