Rhythm - Light painting with milkyway.

Shot this in Spiti valley under the Himalayas. Took two exposures of the same frame- one for light painting(8 sec) and...
Last: November 20, 2019


Ancient Bristlecone Forrest. 11,300ft up in the White Mountains. The Patriarch Grove is the upper level grove above the...
Last: November 18, 2019

Some Inspiration for the upcoming Aurora Week

I've been gathering the best Northern Lights pictures and stories in 2019 in an article. Hope you like them and good...

We are connected

around 2am - Sat on a mountain at 0deg without coffee waiting for the right moment

Milky Way at Assateague

I've just begun a love affair with chasing the Milky Way! Being out there and capturing the images are truly compelling...

Mercury Transiting the Sun, November 11, 2019

On Monday morning I captured a time lapse of Mercury transiting the solar disk. I took about 90 images at one minute...
Last: November 14, 2019

Messier 27 - the Dumbell Nebula

This was the first Planetary Nebula discovered by Charles Messier! Always a treat to view with a large telescope and...
Last: November 12, 2019


“Mohalu” The moon on 11/9/2019.

The Triangulum Galaxy - Messier 33

My first Triangulum Galaxy image. Pretty happy with it, 3 hours worth of 180s subs at iso1600 with a Canon 6Da on a...
Last: November 10, 2019

Star trails in the southwest desert

Shot this in the southwest US. It's compose of 105 shots (30s) for the stars and one longer exposure for the foreground
Last: November 8, 2019

First astro photograph done with my new Samyang 12 mm f/2

Previously I was using the Sigma 19 mm f/2.8, which wasn't bad but I wanted a wider and brighter lens. Despite its...
Last: November 2, 2019


"Reborn" Mount. Rainer national park sure delivered with the alpine flowers this year! This is my first nightscape shot...
Last: October 29, 2019

Wedding Gift Print

Hello, I am looking for a little advice as to what else I could possible do to improve this image. This image consists...
Last: October 26, 2019

The Ancients of the White Mountains

Beautiful Milky way Core hanging out with some Ancient Bristlecones in the White Mountains of California. Nikon d850...
Last: October 22, 2019

The Orion Nebula

This is a composite of 10 images taken with Nikon D850, 500mm, f/5.6, ISO 800, 10 exposures @ 45 seconds, using iOptron...

Stary night

Milky way in bollon NSW Australia this is a panorama of 6 photos each 20 seconds long all CC apreciated

Milky way and Star trail

Some study for the star trail comet mode lol and a standard milky way.
Last: September 29, 2019

Friday the 13th Harvest Moon

Skull imposed over the moon. Next full moon on a Friday the 13th will not be until August 2049

Advice Please

Hello, I've attempted a star trails photo here. In the past I've used star stax but for this I just used photo shop,...
Last: September 14, 2019