The Broken Altar

One of my favourite composite images. A day to night edit with a milky way drop in.
Last: June 5, 2019

The eagle is landing

A few weeks ago on Lofoten islands, a huge geomagnetic storm created spectacular aurora show. It was just insanely...
Last: May 24, 2019

Convict Me

Had set up a timelapse when I went to sleep so when my alarm went off I contemplated not going to the lake to get this...
Last: May 23, 2019

Blood Moon

Very bad night to shoot the super moon in Kern County. Brief moments of clarity between overcast sky's.
Last: May 23, 2019

Impermanence - An Inner Journey | 4K Time Lapse Making this film led me to travel to many holy places in Asia. But it is not this trip that...

Milky Way through Corona Arch

I took this photo a couple of falls ago on a beautiful night of photographing the Milky Way as it passed through Corona...
Last: May 23, 2019

Milky Way over Paine Massif

Took this photo as I was hiking up a mirador for a sunrise shoot. This is a 2-shot panorama. Any comments are welcomed.

Milky Way over Mt Shuksan

Beautiful night, one of the best I’ve had since starting photographing the Milky Way about a year ago
Last: May 17, 2019

Milkyway core

Hi, i currently use the mini star adventurer, i struggle to find Polaris in the Polar Scope i can clearly see it in the...
Last: May 14, 2019

Mammoth Lakes Area

I am working on my post processing skills, I know that the sky I used is not the best, I took it at iso 12800 or...
Last: April 19, 2019

Stars dragged across the sky ⭐

Took this a couple of months ago. Any suggestions or review ? Also checkout my work
Last: April 19, 2019

First of 2019

Shot in the high desert of Southern California Pentax K1 Rokinon 14mm F 2.8 ISO 800 50 second exposure using...
Last: April 13, 2019

Jupiter meets the Dark Horse

Jupiter is the bright object surrounded by dark nebula, also known as the Dark Horse and visible in most milky way...

Nirvana Again.

Camera: Sony A73, Lens: Sigma 20mm F1.4 Last time I shot at this place back in 2016, I kept my camera on time lapse and...

Unbelievable timing....

I was looking through some old photos and decided to take a closer look at this one. I remember taking two shots: one...

Moonlit Sahara

I remember this night vividly. It was a quiet peaceful knight, the likes of which can be only found in the desert. This...

Lago Ranco at night

First submission here. I really want to learn so I'm really looking forward to all your critiques! I think there's too...
Last: March 20, 2019

My 1º astro photo

They aren't good photos, but I'm learning
Last: March 19, 2019

Andromeda in my garden with a 70-200mm and no astro gear whatsoever

Inspired by the image of the Andromeda galaxy Jimmy Zhang posted the other day I decided to give this try. The catch:...
Last: March 15, 2019