Phase One IQ140, 645DF+ Camera, 80mm SK LS Lens


I've closed my studio due to financial issues, and therefore selling my high end gear including Phase One IQ140 Kit. The Shutter Count is only 15,190. The kit is in excellent condition and used by me only in studio environment.

Kit includes the following:
• 645DF+ Camera Body (PX004165)
• IQ140 Digital Back (...

Leaf Aptus 22 back for sale - Hasselblad and Mamiya RZ67 fit

Not sure if anyone is interested but I am selling my Leaf Aptus 22 back on eBay:

It is a Hasselblad V fitment and comes with a Mamiya RZ67 adapter plate. Works with both cameras. Best of both worlds :)

Open to reasonable offers...

Mamiya shutter

Hi everyone, i got a Mamiya 645 AFD with broken shutter (see image). I used this same camera until 5 or 6 years ago, and i remember this problem was frequent. Unfortunately, at that time i knew a german store with spare parts, now is closed and i really don't know how to fix it.
Can someone help me?
Do you know where i can find a...

Show your MF arsenal here...

MF fan,
Feel free to show your MF gears here...

my gears list:
1) Phase One 645DF+, Mamiya ZD22 back, 80mm kit lens, 150mm f3.5 prime, 110mm macro prime (manual focus), 35mm russian made wide angle prime. My favorite is the 150mm f3.5. This camera used for portrait and studio photoshoot works.

2) Hasselblad H2D, Leaf...

Opinion on Leaf Aptus 22 offer from KEH for $1119?

Thoughts? opinion? is this a good deal for mamiya 645/P1 user with a Mamiya ZD22? good upgrade from Mamiya ZD22?
larger LCD screen, also touch screen, larger CF card capacity, maybe crash/lockup less, etc....

Welcome, Medium Format users!

Welcome to all the Medium Format users. This is your home for discussion of MF topics. MF is a very unique field of photography that deserved it's own group. Users are free to share your MF works here.

Night shooting with MF.

I've been taking my Mamiya 6451000s out for some night shooting, just like it was 1999 again. Your thoughts/feedback, critical or otherwise are appreciated. (Obviously I'm a big fan of Jan Staller's "Frontier New York")

This was taken at the mouth of the Elizabeth river where it joins Arthur Kill, just north of the Goethals Bridge in...