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Kwan Seng Low's picture

Show your MF arsenal here...

MF fan,
Feel free to show your MF gears here...

my gears list:
1) Phase One 645DF+, Mamiya ZD22 back, 80mm kit lens, 150mm f3.5 prime, 110mm macro prime (manual focus), 35mm russian made wide angle prime. My favorite is the 150mm f3.5. This camera used for portrait and studio photoshoot works.

2) Hasselblad H2D, Leaf Aptus 54s Digital Back, 80mm f2.8 kit lens. This camera used for portrait/studio photoshoot. Took it outdoor for few times for landscape works.

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Kornel Kabaja's picture

At the moment:
1) Phase One DF, Phase One P25+ back, Trioplan 100/2.8 modified from Exacta to Mamiya mount
2) Pentax 645 + 67-645 adapter
3) Pentax 6x7, Kodak Aero Ektar 178/2.5 with an elastic mount for tilt/swing capability, ISCO Ultra Cinelux 120/2 glued to a helicoid, Carl Zeiss Biometar 120/2.8 modified from Pentacon Six mount to Pentax 6x7 mount.

Robert Bridge's picture

Mamiya 645 AFD II, Phase One P30 back, 80mm kit lens, Mamiya 35mm f3.5, Mamiya 210mm f4 ULD IF.

All acquired used in the last 6 months. Possibly not as functional as the 5DmkIV I considered as an alternative, but I love using it.

Norbert Palša's picture

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, Mamiya M 65mm f/4 L-A, Sekor Z 110mm f/2.8 W, Mamiya M 140mm f/4.5 Macro L-A, Sekor Z 180mm f/4.5 W-N, APO-Sekor Z 500mm f/6, 1.4x teleconverter, 2x 120 Pro II back, 645 Pro II back, Polaroid back, Auto Extension Tubes 1 & 2, AE Prism Finder II, A and A4 screens... I guess, that's all of it so far.

candy's picture

Zur Zeit: Mamiya RZ 67 Pro, Sekor - Z 4.5/180W, Sekor - Z 3,8/127. Ich schaue schon sehr lange nach einem preiswewrten 2.8/110 :-)