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Show your MF arsenal here...

MF fan, Feel free to show your MF gears here... my gears list: 1) Phase One 645DF+, Mamiya ZD22 back, 80mm kit lens,...

Asking for suggestions for analog+digital MF

Hi folks. I am looking for an 4:3 MF camera where I can use film & digital backs. Important for my idea is that you...

Phase One IQ140, 645DF+ Camera, 80mm SK LS Lens

Folks, I've closed my studio due to financial issues, and therefore selling my high end gear including Phase One IQ140...

Leaf Aptus 22 back for sale - Hasselblad and Mamiya RZ67 fit

Not sure if anyone is interested but I am selling my Leaf Aptus 22 back on eBay:

Test shot Hasselblad H6D-50C

Natural Light test shot with new Hasselblad H6D-50C 50-100mm Lens

Hasselblad H2D, 80mm

took the Hassy out for landscape shoot... creamy bokeh...

Mamiya shutter

Hi everyone, i got a Mamiya 645 AFD with broken shutter (see image). I used this same camera until 5 or 6 years ago,...

Opinion on Leaf Aptus 22 offer from KEH for $1119?

Thoughts? opinion? is this a good deal for mamiya 645/P1 user with a Mamiya ZD22? good upgrade from Mamiya ZD22? larger...

Welcome, Medium Format users!

Welcome to all the Medium Format users. This is your home for discussion of MF topics. MF is a very unique field of...

Hasselblad 2003fcw + Phase One P45

A couple of images with the manual focus Hasselblad and Phase one back. Both were shot the with the 150mm at f/8 1/250...


shot with my very, very old Mamiya 645 AFD with the Kodak Pro Back (16 MP)

Mama ZD in lifestyle

conceptional shooting "living dolls" at Zaruba in Vienna

Mamiya ZD

I still use this camera - two pictures from two different shootings

My oldest horse - Mamiya 645 AFD with a Kodak Pro Back

I love this camera, although all my batteries (one left) for the Kodak Pro Back are not charging again -

Mamiya 645AFD2/ZD22 back. 150mm f3.5.

all natural light...

MF panoramic

Handheld panoramic. 3 shots. Pentax 645Z + 55mm.

Night shooting with MF.

I've been taking my Mamiya 6451000s out for some night shooting, just like it was 1999 again. Your thoughts/feedback,...