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Asking for suggestions for analog+digital MF

Hi folks. I am looking for an 4:3 MF camera where I can use film & digital backs. Important for my idea is that you can shoot horizontal and in portraiture mode by turning the back. Any suggestions what to aim for? I like it to have a waistfinder as well. Is there anything out there?
Thanks a lot.

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Hasselblad V series - 500cm, 2000F, 500EL. V series of course have waistlevel view finders standard in most cases and you have options for 45 degree or 90 degree view finders as well.

I use a 555ELD with a phase one P45 back. Back is about $4k these days. The back can be mounted to shoot in landscape or portrait. 99% of my work is portrait. I shoot in studio tethered into capture one most of the time as well but I have gone out and about with the digital back before. Feel free to ask me any questions.