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Orion Complex from Light Pollution Hell errr I mean Houston

In Jan I bought a Mitakon 135mm F2.8 lens to have a crack at pulling some stuff in closer. This is basically my first attempt at trying this. It was shot at IS0 200 at 202.5mm (D5200 crop sensor) 30 sec on the Sky Guider Pro. I am still trying to learn Gimp so the post has been a struggle. I also did a version with Siril then touched up with gimp. It sucks compared to some of the images I have seen, but hey we all start at the same place.

I cropped out the Orion nebula on the second image, however I have not been able to get a decent post image of the flame region. I am actually surprised that they came out this well from a Bortle 8/9 area.

Comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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