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3 Nebulae, 2 Telescopes, 3 Cameras, 4 years, and 120 hours.

A set of three glowing clouds in space known as the Lobster Claw, The Bubble, and oh so interestingly NGC7538.

This data was primarily captured over the course of a week in November from my Portland backyard at 530mm focal length and F5. But one of the fortunate aspects of deep-sky astrophotography is that your subject doesn't change. And since I had shot all three of the primary subjects at 2563mm FL over the last four years, I decided to add some of that data to selected areas. So this was shot with three different cameras, two telescopes, three mounts, three sets of filters, from two states over 4 years!

20 hours of exposure time in the primary data and around 100 more hours from the dropped in data.

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All I can say is wow

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Awesome, dedication was worth it.