Yaya is an inked/alternative model from Luxemburg and visited my studio in Frankfurt (Germany).
A little variation on the edge lighting setup with a more emphasized top/bottom split.

Storm Gray (dark/middle grey) background instead of black for a bit of "natural" in camera vignetting.

2* Elinchrom RX One
Yongnuo 560-...

House of Loathing IV

Shot at an amazing appartment in Belgium last year.

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This image is from my Lancaster workshop at Club Ed. Some of these images were used in my last book "Nudes On Location"

Nikon D700
ISO 200
Strobe Filled

Betcee May

This is from my first shoot with Betcee, we went on to shoot together for a number of years,
she was and still is one of my favorites.
Nikon D100
One camera flash

Mysterious Meredith

Canon 6D and canon 135mm F2 @ 2.2 1/50 sec iso 50 flashpoint xplor600 28" beauty dish critique always welcome www.pjrphotographyllc.com IG: pjrphotographyllc

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We run a large custom backend workflow system built around a bespoke imageDB.

Over the years we have developed numerous tools to meet customer requirements. Each tool is modular so we occasionaly connect some of them via a simple web harness to the Internet for other people to try out and use.

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Dry Lake Bed

This image was taken a few years back for a book I'm working on. This was actually a one on one that I was instructing.
Nikon D700