Playing with gels

Just experimenting with lights and gels. Then experimenting with processing (tried out Alien Skin, normally just do everything with curves, probably will stick with that but get some ideas from this)


Bathroom scene. Did a short editorial with beautiful brunette Cheyenne. I always have loved style of and old film a littlebit orange/yellowish look, so i tried to recreate the same feel.

Cheyenne Jarvinen

Nikita Tikka


Had a chance to do a photo shoot with amazing glamour model from Slovenia Lucia Javorcekova. Unfortunately we had really tight schedule of 30minutes. This shot is taken in natural available light.

I wanted to creat really classy glamour look, not too much fancy stuff.

Lucia Javorcekova

Nikita Tikka

Switched to video during photoshoot

During one of my last glamour photoshoots i have switched to video mode to capture some teasing moments of the model. 10 minutes of shooting , 8 hrs of video editing and here comes small teaser. What do you think guys. Add a comment or critique, help me to become better clip maker :-)
here is the link to the video:

New to group saying hello and sharing for feedback.


New to this group and the Fstoppers community. Wanted to share a very recent personal project. The concept is about nature nymphs and depicting this through boudoir styled location shoots. First at attempt at this style.

Currently I've shot and edited my forest and ocean nymph.

Serious but Simple Inquiry

I'm just having a bit of a difficult time exactly defining "glamour photography." So I suppose my exact inquiry is: Do the ladies or gentlemen subjects usually have to be half naked for it to be considered "glamour" or can the subject simply be "dolled up" or look their best. ....Okay, better variation of that question: "What DOES essentially...

Colored Gels and Glamour

I have been experimenting a bit lately with gels with my lighting and this has been the first time that I combined the technique with glamour.

I think I might have to keep on playing with the gels as I'm digging the results.

Lighting in this image consisted of 3x 600w Godox QT-600 with a red, green and blue gel.

First Post!

Hi, all! I'm new to Fstoppers, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a professional boudoir photographer, but I love to shoot all types of portrait photography.

Our boudoir studio in East Nashville receives so much beautiful natural light during the day that I rarely need to use strobes (although I still do sometimes just because I...


Production: IMAGE COLLECTIVE / PH: Daniel Balarezo / Model: Nicole Contreras / MUA: Andrea Buitrón Dávila, Assist: Sol Moreno / Hair: In Style Ec / Clothes, Styling & Shoes: “BE YOU” by Natasha Fonte / Location: La Casa del Higo, Quito-Ecuador (Pablo Recalde) / Making Of: Gabo Balarezo & Juan José López


Hi i'm new I would love to find out what you think of my photo.


Model & MUA: MiKy

So for this shoot with MiKy I forgot to pack my go-to light modifier for my key light… my 86” PLM Umbrella :( So I improvised.
I was going for a classic Playboy glamour look with a bit of a golden hour/morning feel to give the background an overall warm look.


Key: Was positioned at...

Lattice and Couch

This shot was taken April 2016. The white couch was brought from the restaurant lobby per the models request because the patio furniture just was not working.