Hi, I'm experimenting with black and white photography.

I'm open to all feedback and suggestions.

Savage on the Savannah

First edit of a series we shot in July 2017 on a trip to Sardinia.

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Australia Day 2018

One of the things I love doing is shooting around water.

Be it, in the water, on the water or under the water.

I shot this in my studio in a little inflatable wading pool covered in black material and then filled with water.

Lighting was a simple 1.2m octaganal softbox

What ligh modifiers does Gavin Glave normally use?

Hey guys I am only a semi-pro photographer trying to learn as much as I can and get into glamour photography more and more.
I really like Gavin Glave's photos the light looks always great outdoors and indoors.
I am wondring he uses a flash only?
Not sure, it's always of a really beautiful yellow colour, not sure he does that...

We tried something different

This model is great to work with. She's up for just about anything (cept NSFW). Anyway this is from a shoot where we did a number of "looks". This was just a fun concept and her eyes make it all work.

Comments for Model

My model said that she'd like feedback on her shoot.

Please comment toward the model, not the photographer (me).



Cradling them

I shot this with a travelling model from Thailand, I really love her pose and facial expression. It was all up to her to decide on the poses but this is a bonus of working with an experienced model, she will know what to do on her part so you can concentrate on taking great photos.


Bathroom scene. Did a short editorial with beautiful brunette Cheyenne. I always have loved style of and old film a littlebit orange/yellowish look, so i tried to recreate the same feel.

Cheyenne Jarvinen

Nikita Tikka

In the Shower

Shot with a Nikon D750, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, 2 Godox TT-685N Speed lights, 1 Godox 60*90 Softbox with honeycomb grid, Godox X1 wireless triggers
Technical Details:
1/250, f/7.1, ISO 400
1 Godox TT-685N at 1/16 Power behind me and to the left with a Godox 60*90 Grided softbox. Lower right corner a bare Godox TT-685N at 24mm...

A3 / A4 calendar generator

We run a large custom backend workflow system built around a bespoke imageDB.

Over the years we have developed numerous tools to meet customer requirements. Each tool is modular so we occasionaly connect some of them via a simple web harness to the Internet for other people to try out and use.

Our A3 / A4 PDF print ready calendar...


Glamour Retouching is a particular kind of photo enhancement mostly for commercial use. In fact, it deals with professional models’ resumes or magazine cover retouching. Furthermore, in the sphere of glamour photo editing, every detail should be of great importance. As it exists for making every ordinary shot bright and worth everybody’s...