New to group saying hello and sharing for feedback.


New to this group and the Fstoppers community. Wanted to share a very recent personal project. The concept is about nature nymphs and depicting this through boudoir styled location shoots. First at attempt at this style.

Currently I've shot and edited my forest and ocean nymph.


Production: IMAGE COLLECTIVE / PH: Daniel Balarezo / Model: Nicole Contreras / MUA: Andrea Buitrón Dávila, Assist: Sol Moreno / Hair: In Style Ec / Clothes, Styling & Shoes: “BE YOU” by Natasha Fonte / Location: La Casa del Higo, Quito-Ecuador (Pablo Recalde) / Making Of: Gabo Balarezo & Juan José López

Serious but Simple Inquiry

I'm just having a bit of a difficult time exactly defining "glamour photography." So I suppose my exact inquiry is: Do the ladies or gentlemen subjects usually have to be half naked for it to be considered "glamour" or can the subject simply be "dolled up" or look their best. ....Okay, better variation of that question: "What DOES essentially...


Hi i'm new I would love to find out what you think of my photo.


Model & MUA: MiKy

So for this shoot with MiKy I forgot to pack my go-to light modifier for my key light… my 86” PLM Umbrella :( So I improvised.
I was going for a classic Playboy glamour look with a bit of a golden hour/morning feel to give the background an overall warm look.


Key: Was positioned at...

Lattice and Couch

This shot was taken April 2016. The white couch was brought from the restaurant lobby per the models request because the patio furniture just was not working.

Sexy on the bed

Recent lingerie shoot. I decided to get a bit creative by incorporating a gel. This scene was shot with three AD360 speedlites (1 soft bank, 1 socked beauty dish and 1 gelled).

Hi! I'm new. Rate my photo ^^

Hey guys!

I recently joined the Fstoppers community. As I am still looking for my style and preferred genre, I just wanted to have your opinion on this image. It's just a simple backlit portrait that I took from a friend of mine while I was in Brazil. I found that with most of my " boudoir/ glamour " images, I prefer natural light. Any...

Trying different groups

Greetings. I've been taking photos for a long time now and have shot lots of different genres through the years. I am just testing the waters in a few of the groups here to see if any are more active than others. I am trying to connect with some like minded individuals in the photo realm and really hoped Fstoppers was the place. So, here is an...

Pushin' 40

Newbie, here -- at least in glamour and boudoir.
From my first G&B shoot
So, C&C very welcome.

(including suggesting, maybe, changing the title. ;-)

20 Minutes in Kabukicho

Japan It was really cold when we scheduled the photo shoot, But everything worked out fine that particular day. LouLou D’vil, a performer from Las Vegas was planning to visit Tokyo and we were lucky to fit in her into our schedule. Finally, some flavor from Las Vegas and we are shooting in Tokyo. Let’s Mixed. We used two leather prototypes...


At the studio with Danielle.. using LED lights for this shoot.
Any feed back is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


As far as I can tell, glamour is all about helping someone look and feel their absolute best. As you can see from this shot, my subject here didn't have many of the curves that you might expect from a glamour shoot, so some of my go-to approaches to the shoot didn't work the same way. Though I feel pretty good about what I've done with lighting...