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Tool - Generate Your Own Trifecta (FREEBIE)

Try it @ www.lightaffaire.com/tools

I needed to generate a lot of Trifecta (3 image collages) for an upcoming exhibition so ended up programming something to save me time. Maybe you find it useful as well.


Generates a print ready trifecta (3 image collage) with white or black border of your images.

Supports landscape (left-middle-right) and portrait (top-middle-bottom) orientation.

Supports mulitple DPI values for optimal sizing and print quality.

Supports mixing landscape and portriat format images (L-P-L / P-L-P).

Optionally converts generated trifecta to CMYK colorspace.

Optionally converts generated trifecta to black-white.

Note: Werbung / Verlinkung - required text under German law.

The images in this post have been flagged as NSFW.
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