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Hello from your Admin: What do YOU want to see in this group?

As your Admin / Creator of this Group, I would love to hear your feedback on what you'd like this Group to be. Discussion is great, and I see some already going on, but what else sounds good in here? Contests? Monthly events of some form?

Anything at all, I would love to hear it.


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vivekananthan Ramasami's picture

Awesome lighting with very different angle ever i seen

Cody Schultz's picture

Would love to see some BTS, before//after and anything else that would help to improve our photography :)

Contests would be awesome too!

Pascal Thériault's picture

Something like a monthly video featuring a glamour photography pro that review and critique a few selected pics from the community.

Nino Batista's picture

Featuring some more glamour photographers would be great!

Lee Morris's picture

That's a sick shot

Rafael Orczy's picture

post production work and BTS stuff

Nino Batista's picture

Ok, cool ideas. Without sounding too self-servicing, I will say a lot of retouching and BTS videos exist on my YouTube channels. But I hear you, maybe we can make this Group a little more active with content like that...

Mike Patrick's picture

Wow - unreal shot. Fantastic.

Kwan Seng Low's picture

Nino, some suggestions.... run a monthly contest. e.g. have someone retouch some of your photos, and select a winner. price: free admission to one of your workshop.
or monthly submission of our works, select the top 3, again give some prices like attending your workshop for free or one of your paid tutorial for free.

Ron Chapman's picture

Just signed up here at Fstoppers, nice to see you are running this group Nino, I am looking forward to exploring this site

John Hughes's picture

Definitely love the idea of pros doing CC's on community photographs. Wouldn't mind some interesting stuff on getting started.

Pete Whittaker's picture

I see I'm late to the party but I'd like to see business insights. It's great to take beautiful photographs of stunning models but it's even better if you can get paid for it. So who (in general terms) are your clients and how did you find them?

afterRAW .com's picture

beautiful shot of a beautiful model (y)

Scott Martinez's picture

I was trying to think of another, better name then glamour photography and a Google search brought me here. I've been following you guys on YouTube for years and finally signed up. Anyway, the glamour shot of the 80's and today's glamour photography are two different things, and I guess and that's OK. Keep of the great work!

EL PIC's picture

Glamour Fashion Nude

Stephen Smedley's picture

As an enthusiastic amateur I do seem to be seeing a common theme in a lot of the images. Is glamour only incredibly beautiful models in sexy and provocative poses? Or could it also be interpreted as a glamorous lifestyle. I think there always needs to be a person in the image for it to be glamour but do they need to be the only thing in the image. I may be completely off the mark though.

St Nabi's picture

Simple yet provocative but utterly brilliant.