Shower shot with an amazing model in a hotel room. This was a big lighting challenge. I used one hot light and one strobe.

Smoking beauty

Hi, new to the forum. I’ve been getting more and more into photography over the last year. I recently started out using some flash photography and this is from my first attempt at using two different strobes. This is my friend Meaghan at my basements retro bar.
I was going for a vintage ad look.
I’m shooting on a Panasonic GH5s with...

The Wheelhouse IV

I shot this image while exploring and scouting an amazing lostplace in september for a workshop in may 2019 on the island of Sardinia.

Very remote location. 10 miles of dirt track followed by 2 miles walkdown into valley but very worth it.

Mysterious Meredith

Canon 6D and canon 135mm F2 @ 2.2 1/50 sec iso 50 flashpoint xplor600 28" beauty dish critique always welcome IG: pjrphotographyllc

Crack Addict

Sardinia 2017

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LightAffaire Photography

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nikon d750 | 26mm @ 24-70mm | f4...

House of Loathing IV

Shot at an amazing appartment in Belgium last year.

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LightAffaire Photography

Available light in old brick flat in NYC

Between the brick wall and the beautiful light streaming in, this shoot was a no-brainer. For the shot of the boot, if I had it to do over again I'd have her wearing just those (no jeans), but the shallow depth of field was on purpose because I loved the way the light fell across them and the subtle nudity in the background. Feedback is always...