Casual Chic

My first shoot with Christina. She's always a blast to work with!

Canon 5D MK III
Shot in an abandoened co-op. Natural light pouring in from the overhead door on the left, fill flash from the right.

First time with a new model

Anytime I work with someone I don't know I always invite them to bring a friend to ease the comfort level, then once we start shooting I put them to work holding reflectors, moving lights, adjusting models wardrobe/hair.

Workshop: Manor House, Germany . June 2018

Workshop: Manor House . June 2018 .


On Sat. 30th June 2018 and Sun. 1st July 2018 we will be hosting a Glamour-Nude workshop at a beautifully restored manor house in south-east Germany.

We will have numerous sets available, 2 experienced glamour models (

Wondering what you all comp your models?

Not quite new to Fstoppers, but first time posting. I've been recently reviewing the way I conduct shoots, and one of the facets is how much I comp models. I don't want to get into a debate over pay vs. getting paid, I don't shoot for a business, just a professional hobby, and I believe in compensating people for their time while I continue...


Yaya is an inked/alternative model from Luxemburg and visited my studio in Frankfurt (Germany).
A little variation on the edge lighting setup with a more emphasized top/bottom split.

Storm Gray (dark/middle grey) background instead of black for a bit of "natural" in camera vignetting.

2* Elinchrom RX One
Yongnuo 560-...


This image is from my Lancaster workshop at Club Ed. Some of these images were used in my last book "Nudes On Location"

Nikon D700
ISO 200
Strobe Filled

Betcee May

This is from my first shoot with Betcee, we went on to shoot together for a number of years,
she was and still is one of my favorites.
Nikon D100
One camera flash

Dry Lake Bed

This image was taken a few years back for a book I'm working on. This was actually a one on one that I was instructing.
Nikon D700