Dry Lake Bed

This image was taken a few years back for a book I'm working on. This was actually a one on one that I was instructing...
Last: February 26, 2018

The rest

A new image for my new book Nikon D750 98mm 1/400@2.8 ISO 100 Natural Light
Last: February 23, 2018

Another image for my new book

Shot beside an old Dodge truck, this image is for my next book Nikon D750 70mm 1/1000@5.6 ISO 100
Last: February 23, 2018


Film noir style inspired.

Lancaster A

For my book "Nudes ON Location" Nikon D700 82mm 1/250@11 ISO 200 Strobe Filled
Last: February 23, 2018


This is my experimenting with black and white in the Grecian style of art.


Hi, I'm experimenting with black and white photography. I'm open to all feedback and suggestions. Thanks.
Last: February 17, 2018

Australia Day 2018

One of the things I love doing is shooting around water. Be it, in the water, on the water or under the water. I shot...
Last: February 13, 2018

New to the group, but not the game.

I look forward to sharing, viewing, and conversing with you all.
Last: February 10, 2018

Fitness Shoot using high contrast lighting

High contrast lighting using 1 light camera right on a solid black cloth background. Any CC greatly appreciated!
Last: February 9, 2018
Last: February 8, 2018

What ligh modifiers does Gavin Glave normally use?

Hey guys I am only a semi-pro photographer trying to learn as much as I can and get into glamour photography more and...
Last: February 2, 2018

We tried something different

This model is great to work with. She's up for just about anything (cept NSFW). Anyway this is from a shoot where we...
Last: January 20, 2018

Comments for Model

My model said that she'd like feedback on her shoot. Please comment toward the model, not the photographer (me). https...
Last: January 13, 2018

mesmerizing Meredith

Canon 6D and canon 50mm 1.8 ISO 50 1/60 sec flashpoint color 600 28" beauty dish. Critiques always welcome www...

Cradling them

I shot this with a travelling model from Thailand, I really love her pose and facial expression. It was all up to her...
Last: January 2, 2018


Bathroom scene. Did a short editorial with beautiful brunette Cheyenne. I always have loved style of and old film a...
Last: January 1, 2018

In the Shower

Shot with a Nikon D750, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art, 2 Godox TT-685N Speed lights, 1 Godox 60*90 Softbox with honeycomb grid,...
Last: November 30, 2017

First post from Windsor, Ontario

This is Playboy Plus model and Naked News anchor Krysta Lynn, photographed in Windsor, Ontario's Ojibway Park. Hair by...
Last: November 4, 2017

Pin-Up Girl

This is an older picture - made with a Nikon D50. Waiting for your comments...