Downhill riding

I used to ride downhill and love being the first on doing transfers and jumps, injuries and work forced me to semi retire, i still ride casually but now being a photographer i love to get some killer shots of my friends, maybe because i always loved when somebody took photos of me and now i do it for my friends. any feedback on this photos?

West Elk Bicycle Classic

This is a photo from last year at this event. I've been their photographer for the past few years and it's coming up again next month. I'm looking forward to it and hoping for some clouds like this again.
I'm doing big scenic shots like this but also individual rider photos that we will give away free as small images with the race logo...

Cycling along a pier

Want to add my contribution to all cyclists out there. I had the privilege of shooting a competitive cyclist early one morning. These are a couple of pics that came out of it. Let me know what you think in the comments below, critique, positive and negative are all welcome. This part of the forum doesn't seem to have come alive yet, so, if you...

Fabio Wibmer

Hey Guys! I`m David from Austria. Last October i did a Shooting woth the austrian trail biker Fabio Wibmer. Here are some shots of that series.
Tell me what do you think about!

Cycling Self portrait

Hi Guys, still a n00b but wanted to do this shot for ages. really simple 1 light setup (Shoot through brolly) Shot @f8.

Opinions and feedback on how i could have improved this would be greatly appreciated.