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Nasri Saade's picture

Downhill riding

I used to ride downhill and love being the first on doing transfers and jumps, injuries and work forced me to semi retire, i still ride casually but now being a photographer i love to get some killer shots of my friends, maybe because i always loved when somebody took photos of me and now i do it for my friends. any feedback on this photos?

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Tyler Newcomb's picture

Like the timing and pose and wide shot on the first one. The background is kinda distracting though.

Second one i love the pose and the lighting causing him to pop. If you are going to make him pop you should fill the frame more so there isn't so much empty space

Chris Johnson's picture

Technically great shots, focus, exposure and timing all look solid.
I've always been one who likes to see the lip and the landing in one shot, I find it kind of confusing otherwise, but I am more of a rider than a photographer myself so don't take that to seriously.
Looking forward to seeing more shots from you in the future.

Stage Eye Photography's picture

Nice photos...