Welcome to Group! Introduce Yourself :)

Hey everyone,

I have been a long time follower/reader of FStoppers and have been in love with the new community. Personally, my passion for photography stems from a deep, unhealthy for my wallet/bank account, passion for the automotive world so I thought I would create this group as a place for all of you who share that passion to post...

JDM or German Engineering?

I know the jdm community is very big and strong but hear me out on this, German cars are consistently better for performance and daily drive-ability but jdm cars tell more of a story and have more character. Thoughts?


I was at a local bike show with the stunt guys doing a show, I set up for some shots and captured some cool moments send some feedback for if your subject is moving.


wanted to share a picture of my car, nicknamed the Camerawagon.
The license plate is ment as a joke / irony to be used at car events.
If you tell people what to do, they will rebel and do it ;)

Natural light picture, multiple exposure and CPL filter in use.
Feel free to check out my page for more car pics.

Ford GT

Since I am an amateur I often shoot at car shows. This, of course, presents the problem of other spectators gathering around the cars. I took this shot with other cars and people clearly visible in the background. I tried to clone them out in post-production, but I was unhappy with the results. Even blurring the background still left a somewhat...

Porsche-engined, Singer-inspired Volkswagen Scirocco

I'm a Volkswagen/Audi enthusiast and have been from an early age. Attending the shows back home in the UK along with picking up my copy of PVW mag each month were some of the reasons I got into photography in the first place. Now to see my own images printed in the very magazine that helped start it all feels fantastic!

We were fortunate...



Thought I'd join this site and see what's happening. Check out my insta for regular work - I post there most often.

Happily open to discussion about all kinds of images, the status quo and creativity in photography, so hit me up if you're keen.

Cheers all

67 Mustang fastback

Hi, I'm new to this group. Here's an HDR sunset shot of my car.

Car photography is something I enjoy and do it from time to time. Hope you like it, comments are welcome.



Mclaren MP4-12C

A buddy of mine rented the mp4-12c for the day and asked if I wanted to link up, so naturally I said hell yeah! I was really excited to shoot a supercar since I really haven't had the opportunity to do so before. Only natural light was used and everything was shot within about a 90min window.

Nikon D850 paired with Nikon 70-200 and 16-35...

C-class photoshoot

Hey guys, I've got dslr in January this year and got poisoned by photography since then :) I would be glad to hear comments and advice from you!


hey guy what setup o you use for taking rollers? Lens and settings on your camera? Also how do you like to edit your rollers? Lets help each other out as rollers can be difficult to take and for beginners they are really hard to edit and get that long exposure wheel movement. This hear is an old picture of my first attempts with rollers.

Introduce myself

Hi guys... I'm new to Fstoppers after i saw the last car photography critique i thought i should join this community.
My name is Markus, 38 years old and from Austria.
Started photography approx. 6 years ago when i bought my Audi A5.

DiDia 150

This a one off car took 7 years to build, 1953-60. Designed by Andy DiDia. It cost DiDia $150k, or $1.5 mil in todays money to build the car. It was bought by a good friend Bobby Darin who used it movies and drove it to the Academy awards. Darin donated the car to the Museum of Transportation in 1970.