Welcome to Group! Introduce Yourself :)

Hey everyone,

I have been a long time follower/reader of FStoppers and have been in love with the new community. Personally, my passion for photography stems from a deep, unhealthy for my wallet/bank account, passion for the automotive world so I thought I would create this group as a place for all of you who share that passion to post...

Ideas please!

Hey there,
I've been shooting performing arts for several years but in November I get delivery of a brand new red WRX and I would like to photograph it.
There is an area outside of town next to a NASA tracking station that has wide open spaces with mountains in the background that could be a good spot.
I also want to mix it up...

looking for feedback

How's it going, first post here and was just trying to get some critiques on things that I can improve on. Note I just started shooting at the beginning of this year so Jan. 2017. So here are a few shots from this year so far. Thanks!

Camaro photographed in my garage

I photographed my car in my garage last week. The goal was to try and get the affect that photographers get in a studio with a large soft box hanging over the car. The top down lighting that enhances the lines on the car. I wanted to try this after watching Lee's video post on how he photographed his car at night at a deserted gas station....

Recent work, Unique look or bad photos?

Here are some favorites from the last few weeks, Any comments or critiques would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to give my photos a unique look using locations and post processing to set my images apart from others. I know it might not be for everyone but I'd rather here why you don't like them than here nothing at all.
- Thanks,...

First car shoot - Looking for critique

This was my first car shoot and edit, I had done a bit of research before hand and had a good idea of how I wanted to shoot and edit the photos but I was going in totally inexperienced, I wasn't even sure what way you are supposed to turn the wheels. I'm really looking for any advice and I promise you won't hurt my feelings so be as brutal as...

Hi! New to this group!

Hi. New to this Fstoppers group. Not new to the website though, I couldn't retrieve my old account, so I had to start a new account.
I've been shooting cars for numbers of years.
Here's a recent shot I took for a clients GT3RS.
Flash to right 1/8th power.
Flash to left 1/16th power.

BMW Roller

It's been a few years since I have shot anything automotive, I felt a bit rusty. CC is welcome!

These were spur of the moment shots of a friend's track car. No location planned. He asked if I have my camera with me (which I just so happened to have) and this was the result.

Sixty Seven Camaro

Here is my first attempt at a motion blur. I used a rig to mount the camera to a pole and the car. Would love to hear other ways to accomplish this effect. Would a chase vehicle be better?

BMW M5 Supersaloon

A series of shots were combined to create this image. Using a single Canon 600RT with a 60cm softbox and cactus V6 triggers, I took several exposures around the vehicle, lighting various details and panels as I went. Later I combined them all in photoshop and used the frames I thought would work well.

Giulietta Alfa Romeo

Main shot from Alfa Romeo's campaign i've made last november for this prestigious italian brand.
Proud of it :)
complete work here www.paolotangari.com/alfa.html

Specializing vs. exploration

While planes may not strictly "automotive", "aerial" seemed more like aerial photography. But that's not the real question. The question is about specializing. I'm just starting out on the road from amateur to real photographer and one of the things I've heard over and over is that one should specialize. It's unlikely that someone will hire a...