C6 Rollers

A quick roller from a shoot with some C6s the other day. 1/60th F13 ISO 160 28mm
Last: April 6, 2020

Ford Mustang Bullitt

Really challenging set I've just completed of Europes first supercharged 2019 Bullitt Mustang.
Last: April 6, 2020

Some stuff I’ve been working on lately.

Sharing a few photos that I’ve been working on lately. Please provide CC. I’d love to hear what you think.
Last: April 6, 2020

MX5 / Miata Shoot for a product and viral Ad

Shot my own MX for a client that produces modifying components for the MX market. All shot in studio on Canon 5d Mk 4...
Last: March 26, 2020

1933 Ford Speed 33 Keystone Coupe by Chip Foose

I had an opportunity recently to participate in Samy's Camera (Los Angeles) automotive photography workshop and...
Last: March 1, 2020

2020 Taycan Turbo

Local dealership let me shoot around with the new Taycan. Quick light paint and a few shallow day time interior shots.
Last: February 26, 2020

Taking better pictures at car shows?

Car Show season has definitely kicked into gear here in Southern California. As a hobbyist photographer, I love going...
Last: February 10, 2020

Tones & Shadows

Hey everyone I want to know what your favorite tones and shadows are when it comes to photography. Mine is hard shadows...
Last: February 2, 2020

Some Myths Are Real

Rolling shot of a Lancer Evolution X in Barbados. This car while driving as a daily driver is still not seen by many...

Wheel Shots

Hey everyone what is your go to style for shots of wheels? I have been playing around a little and cant really figure...

2020 Volvo XC60 (EDITED)

The Original intention was to do some light painting until I arrived and opened up my bag and realized I forgot my...
Last: January 21, 2020

First photos here, any advice to improve?

Hi guys, here I post my first four photos in this group. I've made these photos near home, in the paddock of the Monza...
Last: January 20, 2020
Last: January 13, 2020

Buick 1 of 4

as first attempt i will be showing front , side, side, tail --- but keep it mysterious to not directly expose the model...

Buick 2 of 4 (v2)

part of a series first try in this - saw the shop - popped in and owner had no problem with me taking shots ... as long...


"take my chevy to the levy"

RAM 1500

Just happened to spot this as I was driving by one day. The blending of the fall colours with the orange of the truck...

Rivals for Life

I mean come on why waste your money on a Chevy? Ok all jokes aside here is some shots I took at a local car show.