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Welcome to Group! Introduce Yourself :)

Hey everyone, I have been a long time follower/reader of FStoppers and have been in love with the new community...
Last: April 17, 2020

BBS Leather and Wood limited edition NA Mazda MX5/Miata

Someone came to a local MX5 meet with this beauty and I tried light painting it with what I had at hand, that is to say...
Last: June 7, 2019

FDL Technique (focused diffused lighting) Car Fine Art Photography

I fell in love with this lighting technique. Like lightpainting u use multiple exposures and combine these in post. But...
Last: April 28, 2020

AMG GT at a car meet

Took this car at a cars and coffee what do you think ? Gear used : Canon 70D +50mm f/1.8 (ISO:125)
Last: January 27, 2019

Taking better pictures at car shows?

Car Show season has definitely kicked into gear here in Southern California. As a hobbyist photographer, I love going...
Last: February 10, 2020

FDL Technique - 1979 Ferrari 512 BB

Classic Ferrari 512 car fine art shot using the FDL technique. This is a multiple exposure shot. What do you think?
Last: May 7, 2020

BMW Z4 GT3 Article on one of my recent shoots
Last: May 19, 2020

Ford GT

My buddy brought this into work one day... We brought it into the shop for this photo. I didn't have my camera so I...
Last: May 18, 2020

'06 Ford Saleen S281 and '05 Ford GT

The Saleen belongs to the VP at the company I work at and the GT belongs to a friend of a friend. We shot it in the...

Citroën Dolly (circa 1985)

This isn't a great take, but it shows what you find if you keep your eyes open. I didn't expect to see this crammed...
Last: May 5, 2020

Porsche Collage

What’s your favorite car brand or car in general! One that whenever you see it in person you just can’t wait to drive...
Last: May 3, 2020

A room full of Jaguars

Jay's collection of Jaguars is amazing.

BMW i8 shot in Edgewater, NJ

Late in the afternoon with sunset approaching, our first location was locked off due to the COVID 19 restrictions. We...
Last: April 28, 2020

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera TAG Heuer Edition

Had the opportunity to shoot 1 of 50 TAG Heuer Editions of the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera! You'd struggle to find a...
Last: April 20, 2020

Shooting my C6 Grand Sport

Decided to get out and shoot some pics of my own car yet. Multiple exposures with various strobe hits and natural light...
Last: April 17, 2020


Hey everyone I grew up around lowriders and that's what got me into cars. What got you into cars? please give hard cc.
Last: April 16, 2020

C6 Rollers

A quick roller from a shoot with some C6s the other day. 1/60th F13 ISO 160 28mm
Last: April 6, 2020

Ford Mustang Bullitt

Really challenging set I've just completed of Europes first supercharged 2019 Bullitt Mustang.
Last: April 6, 2020

Some stuff I’ve been working on lately.

Sharing a few photos that I’ve been working on lately. Please provide CC. I’d love to hear what you think.
Last: April 6, 2020

MX5 / Miata Shoot for a product and viral Ad

Shot my own MX for a client that produces modifying components for the MX market. All shot in studio on Canon 5d Mk 4...
Last: March 26, 2020