Deploy the Garrison!

Sometimes I go through my toy box and find stuff I haven't shot in a while, or even at all. The center, focus, trooper is one of those. I wanted to give him kind of a "showcase" photo with it being a solo figure. I really like the way he pops from the background here.

Creepy Nut Crackers

Hey guys,

This is a shot I took during Christmas of a couple of a nut crackers. I've always found nut crackers a lil creepy and these 2 are no exception :-/

This is my first real attempt at using lights so any feedback is welcome.
Looking at it now and with the knowledge I've picked up I'm kinda feeling like the light was...

Lego Images

Secret life of my lego figures. I love making a story out of them. Here's the complete set:

Using Toys in Compositions

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with shooting toys and compositing them into photos to look life sized. For example I am working on eventually making a jurrasic park themed photo. I plan on having myself in the forground, and then the dinosaur toy in the background. I have had a little play with the idea in photoshop but I...