The Immortal Undertaker

They say he is the DeadMan. But to me he will live forever. He is the most unique individual in the sport entertainment...

Lemmy Kilmister

Funko Pop of one of my all time favorite musicians.. shot with drsmatic light.

Sword vs gunner..

Been bored lately decided to make this out of legos..... the gun guy is suspended with fishing line. the lit match did...

The Hiker

This is a series of photos I took out in my woods. I hand-picked the twig and found some locations for him to traverse...

Dramatic Mannequin

Backlit Mannequin dancing in the darkness.

Lego Adventures

I've recently been taking many pictures with lego minifigures, som in their world, some in ours. Here are some of the...

Bloodborne Alien Mashup

What if a Xenomorph found its way to Yarnham?

The Breakdown

I'm a fan of creating real/not real imagery. I come from the world of film production but I rather enjoy my own little...

I am Groot

I got a life sized baby Groot to take with me in my camera bag on photo outings the reactions I've been getting from...

The Truth Is Out There

Scully and Mulder exploring the dark unknown.

Thor Weilding Stormbreaker

A shot of my Thor statue from Diamond Select toys. I added light trails and used a UV light as a constant light source.

Playmobil rush hour

Playmobil bike integrated in "real life"

The big guy

Who doesn’t love Tyrian Lannister? I bought this for my lady who loves Peter Dinklage and while doing other shots had...

Batman visits Joshua Tree National Park

Took the batmobile on a scenic cruise through Joshua Tree.

Spawn at home

Just messing around with my toys. Spawn leaving his home, heading to work.

Lego Hoverboard

The future is here Lego Hoverboard . Shot with a Pentax k-x with a 90mm macro Tamron lens. and an off camera flash. The...

Barking Out Orders

Army Men at the local museum.

Scenic Overlook

This is little car on a little cliff has a big feel (I hope!) :)


This little wrestler is about 2 inches tall but she has a huge fan base! Which image here do you prefer?


two lego men in a match fight