Some of my latest works

With a limited amount of groups showcasing interiors, I thought it would be great to post some work here in the Fine Art group. Hope that is ok?

Look forward to meeting a few of you, if only through a screen.

Thanks James

Dead Rose Set

Two very different looks, I set out to makes the first image and the second was just an experiment at the time. I've made it a point to focus strictly on minimalism and negative space for the next month so these are more exercises than anything.

First was shot w/ a shallow DOF and edited heavily in PS to go for a painterly sort of affect...

Multi Exposure Multi Light Couple Portrait

This is an SOOC image only cropped in post. Used multi exposures. 3 light setups for this shot keeping the camera at fixed position on a tripod. It was fun to click this photo. Setup took some time. Not having black background is down side. But rest was pleasing. I am proud of this shot.

Is This Sort of Work A Good Fit For This Group?

Most of my work is done at night, in the Hackensack Meadowlands or surrounding industrial areas, or else in the suburbs I grew up in. I consider it "fine art" because it's surely not commercial, and when I spent a weekend getting drunk with William Eggleston he said I was "doing well" with my photography, so ... that counts, right? (I also...


Hi Welcome to the group! Photography is a great hobby or career, most of us I think would consider having it as a career due to the freedom of expression it provides. I live in an area where theres no scenic valleys or beautiful vistas, no seaside lighthouses or mountainous landscapes, so I have to be more creative with what I do. I take the...