Framing space

My first post on fstoppers, but no need to go easy, I'm here for the critique not the likes

This is a series of images that explore the idea of a frames delineating open space and creating meaning. In a way the goal post is the simplest of man made articulations of space. I'm not interested in sport, but the contrast of the arbitrariness...

“Shapes And Shadows ”

This image is a small part of a very large, white, outdoor marble sculpture. In photoshop, I extracted, what I thought, were the most dominant shapes from this large, complex work, cleaned up the lighting and accentuated the shadows. After converting it to black and white, I ended up making an image that I am very proud of.


How such frames can be more interesting?

Light house at Puduchery, India. Swivelled steps takes to the top for a good view of city and the sea.


Critical comments invited.

A pitstop during a tiring hike at a coffee estate. It has a lot to offer besides much needed rest. Invitation from an old door expressing its colors and shadows in harsh mid-day sun. leaves an impression long lasting.


Inviting Critical comments.

A small hike. serene glimpse at the end at height and all efforts paid off. Its located at Northern part of Karnataka, India. a well dotted place in tourist circuit.

Fine Art Self-Portraiture

This was my first attempt at fine art self-portraiture. I tried to create tension using a heavy baroque diagonal with a dark and moody atmosphere. The composition was calculated, and there's hidden meaning in a lot of the image, but that doesn't necessarily make it good art. I'm looking for critiques and help getting better.

Thanks in...

Some of my latest works

With a limited amount of groups showcasing interiors, I thought it would be great to post some work here in the Fine Art group. Hope that is ok?

Look forward to meeting a few of you, if only through a screen.

Thanks James


Lately I've been focussing on mental health issues in my conceptual work. It's a topic that feels ripe for inspiration, and recently a member of my family has been going through some incredibly rough times due to their mental illness. This image is an exploration of that sinking and drowning feeling that is associated with depression and...