"Transformed" Part 2

Another take on this fantastic building from an architectural point of view. This was originally a part of a factory -...


I've tried to capture the feeling of this building being trapped in time.

Painted Field

I took this photo at the park and then I edited it to make it look like a painting, both in color and B&W.

Glass Art

Unbelievable glass exihit in Seattle of the artist Dale Chihuly. Capturing the light with a Nikkor 16-35 zoom and Z...

Close Encounters

Sea Jellies at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Nikon D2x. Lighting all incandescent from behind.

Across the street

across the street in downtown Peterborough NH

Regret. From a short series.

I recently worked on an idea I had for a while for a short series, well if you can can a couple of photos a 'series',...

Stories of Solitude

A composite Image Tiger Shot with Canon 5DsR + Sigma 135 A Desert Shot with Nikon D850 + Tamron 15-35 Blended and...

New to this

Some initial attempts at something that could classify as fine art. Thoughts, suggestions, and critiques all are...

The blue door downtown

A blue door at a business in downtown Peterborough NH

The bridge over troubled water...

This bridge is called "Voest-Bridge", Linz, Austria!

Spring light

fujicolour 160, 2 1/4, Mamiya c220. Catching the leaves, almost full , tho" enough to catch the light


A stroll at the river bank in mild breeze and morning freshness at the sun-rise. The lone bark and ripples in water...

Into the Void

Capitol One Tower in Tysons Corner Virginia.

Trident Hotel

Preferences.......? The Trident Hotel located in Port Antonio, Portland Parish, Jamaica. It's part of the same property...

Lone Lily Pad

A lone lily pad emerging from the water with its stem disappearing into the depths. Shot with a Sony a99 utilizing a...

Tiffany in Nature

Combine a few strands of lichen with a very chilly morning and voila, the semblance of a bejeweled necklace! Shot with...

Rafted Up

Part of Seattle's Alaskan fishing fleet rafted up during the off season at the Fisherman's Terminal. These are some of...

Experimental Fine Art During Quarantine

I'm trying some fine art projects in Leiden The Netherlands while being quarantined, what do you think?

Some Abstract Art

Made from a frame of bokeh :) Comments appreciated!