A distillery viewpoint

I shot a micro distillery today. The manager saw one of my tone mapped engine block shots and asked if I could do the same for his distillery equipment. Here's one of a tower in the distillery:

To the moderator(s) I attempted to upload an image, but the program would not allow it. I'm able to add photos to my gallery, however. Am I...

Diesel in need of help...

First image here. This is a composite of 7 shots merged in Photomatix Pro 5 and given a bit of tone mapping. I like this kind of processing for mechanical stuff. To show you how subjective a judge can be at an exhibition, this shot received third place in the Photographic Division at my very first exhibit. :-)



Production and organization: Rebeca Saray Workshop (Bilbao 2016)
Model: Irati Apraiz Barcena
Makeup and hairdressing: Ainhoa ​​Diaz
Styling of the wonderful <3 Plussoyance Créations
Assistant: Luis Palen and Guille CB
Photography and edition: Rebeca Saray with Pentax K1

New to the group and have a question...

I shoot mostly portraits and head shots, but some of my other work, I list as fine art. This could be anything from skies, cityscapes, or just whatever happens to catch my eye at the time. If this has been asked before my apologies and just point me to the right post, but what exactly is a fine art photograph? How do you define it?

Dead Rose Set

Two very different looks, I set out to makes the first image and the second was just an experiment at the time. I've made it a point to focus strictly on minimalism and negative space for the next month so these are more exercises than anything.

First was shot w/ a shallow DOF and edited heavily in PS to go for a painterly sort of affect...

Winter Fog

Foggy winter lake with a bridge. Taken from a distance and cropped and some grain added in post. Shooting thru fog can create a different look.


Lately I've been focussing on mental health issues in my conceptual work. It's a topic that feels ripe for inspiration, and recently a member of my family has been going through some incredibly rough times due to their mental illness. This image is an exploration of that sinking and drowning feeling that is associated with depression and...

Some of my latest works

With a limited amount of groups showcasing interiors, I thought it would be great to post some work here in the Fine Art group. Hope that is ok?

Look forward to meeting a few of you, if only through a screen.

Thanks James

Multi Exposure Multi Light Couple Portrait

This is an SOOC image only cropped in post. Used multi exposures. 3 light setups for this shot keeping the camera at fixed position on a tripod. It was fun to click this photo. Setup took some time. Not having black background is down side. But rest was pleasing. I am proud of this shot.

Is This Sort of Work A Good Fit For This Group?

Most of my work is done at night, in the Hackensack Meadowlands or surrounding industrial areas, or else in the suburbs I grew up in. I consider it "fine art" because it's surely not commercial, and when I spent a weekend getting drunk with William Eggleston he said I was "doing well" with my photography, so ... that counts, right? (I also...


Hi Welcome to the group! Photography is a great hobby or career, most of us I think would consider having it as a career due to the freedom of expression it provides. I live in an area where theres no scenic valleys or beautiful vistas, no seaside lighthouses or mountainous landscapes, so I have to be more creative with what I do. I take the...