Soapy Beach Front

Took this image whilst standing on water just to make small waves look big. I had to lean down to grab this quick shot as my camera lens is not waterproof. I like how the sky looks merged with the water at the horizon.

Matterhorn (Switzerland)

I spent some time in Zermatt last week but unfortunately I wasn't lucky with the weather. Most of the time it was snowing and Matterhorn was covered with clouds. However, from time to time a small window opened and I was able to get a shot. As the original picture was really flat (due to the weather) I pimped it up a little by adding more drama...

I need your help to improve

Hi guys, I am a new member here in the group and new as well when it comes to photography. Please help me improve my skills by commenting with my photo. CC that could help me improve.

What do you think about color key photos?

Hey guys
I was wondering what you think about color key photos (I guess that's how you call them) like the one I attached. I'm not really into it but for this specific shot I thought it was pretty nice. Would be nice to hear your thoughts about it.
Regards from Switzerland

Through the Forrest

On a winter walk up to Ben Gullipen high above Loch Venachar in the Trossach the path takes you through some dense forrest. Through the trees the illumination of the Sun light can be seen.

Surf Beach

Hey guys. New to the group and just wanted to get your thoughts on a shot from my local beach. Have been shooting for a year now. This is on my D3300.

Enroute Makalu

Here is one from my recent trip to Makalu Base Camp. We were one camp short from reaching there. We had to give the trip up since it was an off season, all the teahouses were closed and to top that up we we stuck in a hail storm.

Feedback and CC expected

Yosemite gets a decent snow dustin

A buddy and I headed to Yosemite as we knew it was getting some decent snow. Now chances of Firefalls of happening was none as no water on the waterfall but wanted to get some snow shots before winter ended. Temps were got as low as 16 degrees a wee bit too cold...

Tree at the Biltmore Estate

I'm looking for two things - 1) critique on the composition and 2) what kind of tree this is. I wasn't able to get close enough to the tree to look at its leaves, but if anyone knows what kind it is I'd appreciate you letting me know.

Your Feedback

I deliberately excluded the foreground in this picture to have a parallax and minimalism look.
Edit- processed in Lr for tonal adjustment and added a orton look to have a dreamy scene. Location - Digha beach, India.
Exif- Nikon D5500

Icicles at Sunrise

I found this icicle hanging from the roof of an old barn during our sunrise shoots in Reine. Tried a few different angles but think these worked the best to give me some quite different shots of the same thing.

C&C appreciated along with any preference indications (and why).

Pacific Coast

I recently took a day trip out to the coast for some ocean therapy. Got there in between storms. The waves coming in were very powerful and the sky was dramatic. Any suggestions on improvements I can make to my photography or post processing?

Cormorants on the Guadalupe River

Some cormorants in the foreground, perched on a fallen tree looking down river as the river curves off to the right in the far ground.

Taken in Gruene Texas, in town, so some evidence of humans in the image.

No polarizer as I like the blue reflection in the water as a background for the birds.

Shot at 105mm