Sunrise on Uttakleiv

I spent a week on the Lofoten Islands in September and spent quite a lot of time on the Uttakleiv beach.
We came back the second day for the sunrise, and I captured this shot with the camera very low, close to the water. I like the contrast between the steady mountains and the flowing water. Waiting for the sunlight to slowly...


This shot was made last year when I made all the north coast of Spain. This spot is so amazing when you have this kind of myst. It was a lil bit hard to find a good composition, foerst ar not a easy subject for me. I need to walk and feel the forest to be inspired, and it take a lil bit of time. Do you have the same dificulty like me to shot...

The End of Autumn

As December rolls on, Autumn has finally come to an end here in Tokyo.

I usually try to get out at least 2 or 3 times a year to photograph the changing leaves, but due to a busy schedule, I only got out once, this year, with my wife and daughter. I didn't get any absolute showstoppers, but I got more than I had expected.

At the...

A Bled fairytale

This image was taken on a trip I made to Slovenia recently. The conditions were great with the low hanging cloud/fog and the reflections on the water. When the sun peaked over the mountains on the right hand side it illuminated the scene beautifully. I´m quite happy with this image, what do you guys think?

Marriners View

Located in the Otway Ranges in Melbourne, Australia, this is a little waterfall compare to the neighbouring waterfalls.
However the walk to this little gem feels like entering into another dimension.
You'll walk through overgrown blackberries track, cross a number of streams and crawling over mossy coated fallen trees to have this...

Hoshitoge Rice Terraces

On late November, Hoshitoge's rice paddies form clear "water mirrors" (mizukagami) that reflect the sky, while being shrouded by a sea of clouds on the right weather conditions.

Any comments or suggestions for improvement?

Post-processed in Lightroom and minor in Photoshop.