Taiwan High Mountains

A few shots from Taiwan's tallest mountains. Taiwan has the highest density of mountains above 3,000 meters in the world. Featured here are shots from Nenggao Historic Trail, Jade Mountain, and Snow Mountain (minus snow).

Filtered sun rays through misty forest, Point Reyes CA.

Caught this from the back door of a home rental at Point Reyes over the weekend. No color in the sky but the sun through the mist and trees was creating these faint beams of light with layers of forest showing. I liked the darkness of the lower forest and the fade to the bright backlit foggy sky overhead.

Nature's Jewels

I love walking through some scrub after a soaking rain. Colours of leaves and bark and trees and the ground become saturated.A couple of shots to illustrate what I mean.

Frozen waterfall

Last year I had a month experience in Canada, and stayed a week in Banff. Spotted this small frozen waterfall at Johnston's canyon. Never thought I would be able to see something like this before (I'm a tropical guy from Brazil).

Any thoughts?

And yes, I know it might be something usual for some of you guys, but it's still very...

Dawn in Brisbane's East

For this shot, I was running to get down to the end of the jetty (from my previous spot on the beach) but realised I had left it too late and just wasn't going to make it before the sun peaked above the clouds. So I stopped here and quickly set up for this composition instead.

At this stage, I'm relatively happy with the shot but wanted...

Help me improve!

I’m totally new and just got a camera for Christmas. I took this landscape and am decently happy with it, but it’s definitely not amazing work. I posted it on Instagram, but wouldn’t hang it on my wall. Just looking for some imput as to how I can do better next time, or maybe even crop or edit this to make it pop. Thx!

Plateau re-edit.

Made a re-edit still not sure about the car trails but worked on overrall appearance first. Old version first then re-edit should be second. Not sure how they are displayed. Further thoughts, comments etc appreciated.

post production check

i know this is a boring subject to review and its not a very good composition but i am putting this up purely from an editing standpoint ....am i heading the right direction? am i over doing it? is it enough or too much?

Ice and fire

After a failed sunset due to a snow storm I returned in the morning in -5 degrees not prepared for the weather at all, the 25 minute walk up a narrow snowed path with icy rocks where I nearly slipped over the cliff face was well worth it to watch the sunrise and lift up this amazing structure

Which One Do You Like Better?

Wondering which one of these images, you prefer/looks better? This is the same image. The "darker" one just has some lightroom adjustments. The "brighter" (the one where the sky is more orange) has lightroom adjustments and some adjustments made with Color Effects Pro. Let me know what you think!

One river - two different moods, but something is missing?

I have photographed this river scenery a few times. I do not know if this landscape can be improved (by describing different times of the year, different times of day, etc.) or what can I do otherwise? I'm waiting for the birds, but never they were not when I'm filming with my camera. Both pictures are panoramas (+hdr).

First try with ND Filter

Hi, this is my first try to shoot with a ND Filter. It's a view on the southernmost point of Lanzarote (Canary Islands) with a lighthouse in the distance.
This is edited from camera jpeg in Snapseed on the smartphone. Don't have my laptop with me here... Will develop from raw when I'm back home.

better day

got up at 5 a.m. not by choice i just woke up....anyways went to the nearest lake and set up shop for sunrise i wish the morning fog was around and possibly better clouds but i made the best of it

Anyone been in Zagori, Greece??

Hi all, planning a tour to Zagori in Greece for some landscape photography in beginning of november. Hope the fall colours is still there then:) Anyone been there before so its possible to get some tip for the travel?? Attached shot i from a beach I found here in Cyprus earlier this week!

Near by.

Often landscape photographers go around the world to take picture exotic places. Often to take picture of scenery or places where hundreds and thousands of other peoples already have catched on their sensor or film. Why is that?
The americans goes to Europe, the chinese goes America, the europeans go to China and so on.
I do belive...

New to photography, feedback welcome.

Hi. New to picking the camera up and doing colour correction in lightroom. This was one of the first photo's I took and corrected. I like it and think it is pretty decent. Went for some striking highlights and then kept everything else with dark. I liked the idea of having the grey with the green as the only colour in there. As I said it's my...

New To Fstoppers

Hello All, Another new guy on the forum. Looking forward to seeing some great images and learning as much as I can along the way! Included is what I thought was a pretty good "selfie" from one of my summer backpacking trips.