An Austin Summer's Day!

I was shooting portraits the other day and thought the area around where we were was so beautiful I should throw on a 10-18mm and get some wide shots, of this iconic bridge in Austin. Shooting in the middle of the day was obviously not my best idea but would love to know your thoughts and tips to improve on taking landscapes.

Magic moment

I had read about this place in a blog and really wanted to go there. To reach in time for sunrise I had to leave home at 00.00 and drive for 2.5 hrs. So this image is taken around 3 am, early but worth it!
Everything was quit and peaceful except for the loons crying - the best nature experience I had for a long time. It was great to walk...

Lava Ocean Entry Kapoho, Hawaii.

Hey I was hoping I could get for feedback about this photo I took the other day.

Lava destroys homes and land in the lower Puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii. The once beautiful Kapoho bay that was home to many is now consumed by lava and has changed the topography of this land forever.

It like looking in the mirror

While driving around Grand Teton National Park, I just happened to see how still Jackson Lake was. The Teton range should reflecting perfectly and I needed to capture all of it. I pulled out my 14mm and set up my tripod. It was early enough in the day that I could extend the shutter time to get slightly smoothed clouds. Not too much editing was...

Cruise into the colors

I was shooting some insane colors right before sun rise off the coast of Acadia, ME.

Was shooting wide angle and this cruise ship got into my shot. Quickly switched to a 100-400mm lens to grab this silhouette.

Shot at a higher iso for faster SS and the added grain.

So glad I packed heavy and had my telephoto zoom handy...

Horsetail Falls

Hi! I’m new to Fstoppers and this group...the posts are amazing, as are the talented photographers. I’m an amateur photo enthusiast. This photo was taken in Yosemite National Park on cold February day at dusk. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs in February when the setting sun strikes this tiny waterfall and turns the falling water to a...

Chinese Garden

Hi all! I went to Chinese garden (Singapore) to do some portrait session. Just got lucky enough that i bring my tripod and wait until the sky gets colorful.
This shot is taken using Fujifilm XT20 and 18-55F2.8-4

Some long exposure and sunset action

Hei everybody. So that no shocker I'm new to the community and new to photography. Have had DSLR for about 2 weeks now. Experimenting things and so on. These are my two favorite pictures at the moment. One is my first ever long exposure and the second one is just really like, it's taken in a bog in Estonia. Sun just had disappeared into the...

Magic time

The sun on its way up, the fog still dense but on its way to dissolving. Time for the elves to go to bed

Feedback and comments are very much appreciated!


To tripod or not to tripod

For me, it’s quite liberating taking a camera off a tripod upon photographing a composed shot. Photos taken immediately after are my favorite. What mental process takes over? Curious. What do you enjoy the most? Landscape photography on a tripod or without?

the lone tree Lancashire

this image just shows you can take a beautiful image not far from your home we search high and low for epic views some times there next to us .. do you have any near locations to your home