Sunrise in South Georgia

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On a photography expedition to South Georgia in early February we got off the ship to be on the beach with king penguins and photograph the sunrise. We were blessed with a spectacular display of...


Get wet in paradise

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Very chilling day at the beach (Barra Grande - Bahia - Brazil), having a good time. The camara always on the tripode looking for photos. This one i like very much, i hope you guys enjoy as well...


Print Worthy?

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I will be moving out of San Pedro soon and will be relocating more towards downtown Los Angeles. Having the advantaged of living close to the beach gave me the opportunity to learn and capture...


Red Cliffs

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This little spot is located just outside the city limits of Saint George, Utah. You'll actually have to drive right past it if you head towards Zion National Park. Though not as big, nor as well...


Forrester's beach

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Here's my first share to the group.
Sunrise Shoot from yesterday's is a cracker!. This is what makes me get up every morning in 2:30am for sunrise. it's not easy waking up consistently so...