Cold, wind and beauty

Sometimes it's not so easy, it's dark and it's cold. But you go out anyway, hopefully the covered sky will open. Sometimes you're waiting in a remote beach, while the wind cut your skin. And sometimes it is the right choice, the sky opens and you see that is totally green, and you see the milky way and two falling stars. The life of landscape...


This shot was taken in Llandudno last weekend. The weather was pretty uninteresting on the day, so I chose to take something slightly different to what I normally do, I think it worked out well in the end.

Shot on a Sony A7, 28-70mm at 28mm, F13, ISO 100, 80 second exposure.

Mountain Photography

I know that there is either a love or a hate for HDR photos, but these are 2 of the favorite ones that I have done. They are both from my area in North Georgia. Do they look too over processed? I try not to have the saturation so high that it's ridiculous.

Sunrise blend in Italy

My region in Italy is also called the region of 100 villages. You can find medieval villages, or renaissance, castles and abbeys which appear more beautiful in the typical pink light of the sunsrises and sunsets. This is a sunrise

Help with this Antelope Canyon Image

Okay my turn to ask for some advice here. I recently went to Antelope Canyon with Elia Locardi for an upcoming project. We weren't actually shooting there for the tutorial but rather were just having a fun "relaxing" excursion while in Page Arizona. Anyways, I tried to avoid the masses of photographers in our group who were shooting the cliche...

Waterfalls in Catlins National Park in New Zealand

Many of us, photographers, had a chance and pleasure to visit New Zealand. The landscape there is so unique and there is so many famous places we all see on the pictures. One great place i found in New Zealand is Catlins National Park with its waterfalls. This one is Purakaunui which is amazing from my perspective due to its location and the...

I sure do love a good sunrise!

This state park, local to Utah, is full of so many hidden gems of a view! Some of them exist right in plain sight, all it takes is taking a moment to stop and check it out. I can't tell you how many times I've walked past this scene without ever taking the time to pull out the camera.

And some time past by...

So there I was taking photos and exploring my backyard (which happened to be the Tongariro National Park) and then I applied for a job and low and behold I ended up in Wellington. So I've gone from photographing snow, mountains and lakes to, well I'm still discovering Wellington.

These pictures from my adventures out and about around the...


This one was taken back in Feb this year! I was looking for somewhere to take some photographs as an amature photographer, when I accidently found Neil Hawkins Park, Joondalup WA. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Everywhere I turned there was something to snap at.
I had to contort myself somewhat to get this shot and was dodging...

Lake Wanaka

We all know Lake Wanaka and the famous tree that sits in the shallows.
I have always worked with the belief that places do not become popular for no reason. In saying that, when road tripping the South Island of NZ, Wanaka was not a must do for me. Somehow I still ended up there. Even with a cold wet morning I was blown away by the...

Overflowing waterfall

The day before, it had rained a whole lot and I wanted to see this waterfall flowing. I tried to get close, but there was so much spray, I couldn't get a good shot. But I found this huge rock with water. I was standing in quite a dangerous position because all the rocks were slippery but I was very careful. I combined three shots for this HDR...

Fall leaves by the river

I have always wanted to see fall leaves on rocks by a river, but it's kind of hard to come by in Texas. But when I lived in Korea, I worked in the afternoon so I had any morning when I could get out and take photos. After a good rain and total cloud cover I came here and got some good shots. I had been here a few times already so I knew exactly...

Burns Beach

Hi everyone,

here is one of my photo's from Burns Beach in WA last night. Would love to know your thoughts☺


Winter Falls

This last weekend I went out to Silver Falls in Oregon. My favorite shot from there is of Winter Falls located almost dead center in the state park a vertical descent of 100+ feet down below a tiny parking lot.
We had recently had a wind storm go through the area which caused many trees to fall over some of which went over the edge here...

When September Ended

This was taken end of September 2016 in the highland of Inner Mongolia.

A Mongol Autonomous Region in northern China, where surrounded with yellow colour silver birch during the autumn and is immensely popular for landscape photographers.

Sawgrass Lake Park

If ever in the Tampa Bay area in Florida make sure you visit Sawgrass Lake Park in St. Petersburg. If there at the right time you can capture some pretty amazing landscape images!

This photo was taken at Sawgrass Lake Park shortly before sunset on a mild winter day. As I trekked towards what I thought was the exit of Sawgrass Lake Park...

Cloudy Grassland

The grassland in the morning. This shot was actually taken right after the sunrise but unfortunately it is too cloudy. It was a good reminder and motivate me to keep on photograph the beautiful nature earth.