Persistance is Important

Greetings fellow users of the internet.

So a few weeks, or months back (I honestly can't remember), I shared a photo about my attempt to photograph Enoshima Island with Mount Fuji in the background. If you saw that post, then you would know that things didn't quite work out. Despite every forecast telling me it was sunny without a cloud...

Advice/Critique's for a beginner landscape photographer

Hello all, I have been doing photography for about 5 months now and would really like some feedback on some of my images. I don't have a lot of photography minded peers around me so, I was hoping to get some honest feedback and critiques from those of you with more experience in this community so that I may improve my work. Thank you so much...

Hey Guys

I just wanted to say and ask you for your opinion. This is a re-edit of a picture I took about a year ago. Do you think its overdone or not? Would be stoked about some feedback.

Is this portfolio worthy? Comments / Critiques

So, this is the story. While on my honeymoon, I did not want to annoy my wife with the camera. She said "bring it". I advised her against it, but I still took it. However, this day we were going to do some trekking in a mountain, so I chose not to take it. This picture, then, was taken with my cellphone.

I present to you the Nahuel Huapi...

Human element?

Laghi di Fusine (Superiore lake) in Italy at dawn.

Somehow I'm not sure that the human figure fits in the scene here.
Unfortunately, I have no other, and cloning seems pretty ungrateful in this case.
Is it too much, or does it not contribute to the overall impression?

Thanks in advance!

>>> Otherwise,...

Portfolio Worthy?

One of my favorite things to do when I get bored or have some extra time is to go through some old photos or do a new edit on some older photos. My lightroom/photoshop skills are better than they were 2 or 3 years ago and it can be fun to go through my older photos from time to time. This is one I came across the other day that I had never...

Motion Blurred Pier

Tried a 20 second exposure at F22 and ISO 100 at 2:00pm. The harsh bright sun was not favorable but I needed to try my new Breakthrough Photography 10-stop ND filter. Not much editing was done except for some vibrancy to the sky.

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Feedback on 'Lake Thaw'

I was out taking images today and came across this solitary block of ice that had broken away from the sheet covering the lake.

I'd love feedback, initially on the initial impact (good or bad) and only then perhaps suggestions on how it could be improved to suit your own personal taste.

The last hour of the trip..

EDIT: I have added some more pictures to the post :-)

On our way back, we had one last, unplanned, stop at a small forst. At this forest we saw this scene unfolding before our eyes!
I had like 5 minutes to get these shots.

Olympic Mtns

Did a re edit of my 1st attempt of shooting mountains with the Nikon kit lens 70-300 on the D5600. The Raw was shot at F/9, ISO-100, 1/500th second, and 300mm=450mm

reflection blues

Moody blue hour reflections in one of the many impressive fjords of the lofotenislands.

Suggestions to improve the image are always welcome!

First photo

Hi all,

just wanted to say hi and upload my first image to this group.
This image was shot during a holiday in Scotland in August 2017.
I visited this location 3 times, but is was completely cast over and raining the first two times.
Finally on the last day i saw the clouds would break up, so i told my wife i would make...

Spring flowers

I had just bought my 50mm lens and this is one of the many shots I took that day. I’m not sure what flower this is, but this is the shot i got.

Challenged myself to use only 70-200 + 2x teleconverter

Hi all,

Yesterday I challenged myself to use only my Tamron 70-200 + teleconverter ( on my little hike around my home. While it definitely made the trip lighter (less glass to carry around), it definitely was heavy on the hand :-)

It was fun though to look only on far away stuff - or flowers only for "macro...