Clouds over East Pond - Maine

We took a boat ride out onto East Pond between the rain clouds and were treated to some spectacular skies. The wind was crazy, so trying to get good pictures while hand holding the camera in a boat was challenging! I love big dynamic skies and I think I was able to capture some neat shots. Feedback always welcome.

San Felice - Sunset

Although I brought my tripod, I didn't rip out to try and catch this great sunset as I barely got back to our hotel in time to take these shots. The first is HDR, I think I used 4 of the 5 exposures to merge. The second is just an edited version of the first exposure.

Shooting into the sun is pretty tough. I don't think I have a good...

Narrow Mountain Road

This is a photo that I took last year on Mt Donna Buang in Victoria, Australia. This area and the surrounds are just beautiful and it always makes me so happy to be out there!

Shot on a Canon 5D Mark IV with a Canon 85mm f/1.4 IS

The photo was shot as a vertical panorama with seven photos.

Looking for Opinions

So, I just got back from a photography trip where I traveled up the coast of California, from Long Beach to Santa Cruz. I just wanted to get out and spend some time focusing on shooting. This is one of the images I got from Pffifer Beach at sunset, and I'm curious on opinions. I have some thoughts, but I don't want to sway people's opinions....


In the Atacama Desert, it is very rare to witness rain, and according to guides here, this particular bout was the biggest in two years.

The Licancabur is one of the most iconic volcanoes around. Located between Chile and Bolivia, it really look like a child's drawing of a mountain come to life. When the clouds rolled in, however, the...

Is my Portfolio too dark?

So I've had a calibrated monitor for a while that has, for the most part, corrected my colors. However, I've just realized the other day that the brightness of my monitor was more than twice what my Spyder calibrator recommended. At this point, I'm not sure how feasible it would be to go back and re-edit my entire portfolio at the correct...

As the storm came

A truly marvelous light show over Antelope Island last night! The entire day had been moody as a storm front passed through and me trapped at work. But the weather persisted as my wife and I drove to the action. Finally, as we were about to go, we made one more stop and I was rewarded with this flash of the storm came.

A New Planet.

Another night running on the rocks, looking for interesting shapes and lines. I had to keep an eye on the time and the tide, I had to be fast but I finally found those rock formations and I definitely fell in love with the colors in the sky!

Taken in Scotland a couple of nights ago.
Sony A7rIII, Sony FE 16-35 f4,...

help replacing color in CS4?

I like the image but I want to change the kinda blah blue color on the right to make it a lot more like the blue on the left. I tried a hue/saturation adjustment layer and picked blue, then moved the slider to the right to make it a prettier blue. BUT, when I do this, the almost-magenta blues become magenta, and the tree looks like it's covered...

Castle above the Clouds

Civita di Bagnoregio is a really famous borgo in the center of Italy that is also called "La città che Muore" wich means the city that die and they add this title becouse of the mouldering basement wich is gonna to fall dawn...
Moving away from his sad and interesting story is a perfect spot for sunrise becouse sometimes you have the...

My first photo ever sold

Given the current Critique the Community challenge, I thought I'd share one of the first photos I've ever sold. I remember being really excited over this photo and happy so many people thought it valuable enough to purchase it for Christmas presents at the time.