New group banner photo - Submit your image

Hey group, I think we should get a new group banner photo. So how about in the comments of this post you submit one of your images and based on the up votes we can decide what one gets picked.

*** As you can see if you're browsing on a computer, the banner is stretched quite wide and not very tall. Not all images are going to look good...

The dark forest

Just found this picture in the archives. Taken in the deep forest, sometime in the spring. Taken as infared, and converted to black white. Hope you like it, and hope to heard some feedback

Lookin' for a few Canucks there eh

If you know what year the leafs last won the stanely cup, read "The Hockey Sweater" as a child, and hate the Boston Bruins then this post might be for you.

Also, you should probably be a photographer ... but this is fstoppers so I'm making the assumption you are ...

I'm looking to connect with Canadian (whether born, raised, or...

Down the Winding Road

After waiting a bit for just the right time between traffic and other photographers popping in and out, my wife and I finally were able to get a clear view of this amazing stretch of road. Highway 42 on the northern tip of Door County Wisconsin. The colors are brilliant there this time of year!

Any weekday shooters in Sf Bay Area?

Looking for people to shoot with in the week willing to go perhaps two hours drive, and maybe a stop over somewhere to get the morning hours. Also longer times when out of the fire season! I like astro photography, wildlife and landscapes. Happy to help out others.

Would also love to hear any suggestions of places to shoot for astro...

Good Morning Leman

This is a sunrise view over one of the biggest european lake, the Leman Lake in switzerland.

In october the sunrises next to the lake are so peaceful especially on a sunday morning.

in summer this place is totally crowed by people searching some refreshment.

One other advantage of sunrise in winter, you don't have to wake...

My dreamed shot :)

El Chaltén, and specifically the Fitz Roy mountain has been photographed a million times (at least) by every hiker or photographer visiting Patagonia. The sunrise there it's amazing during certain time of the year, you can see the light hitting the mountain for a few minutes. This lagoon is located 10 kms away from the town, you have to trek...

Chasing the Goat

On a trip to Colorado, we decided to adventure up to Mount Evans which is the largest peak in North America that you can drive up to. On our travels we were fortunate enough to run into a herd of mountain goats as the sun was setting.

Alpine lake in October

Hello everyone, I think it is my first post here. I wanted to show you the Emerald calmness photograph I tool a few weeks ago.
This October we were gifted with many warm, bright and sunny days here in Southern Germany. But it happened that the only day I chose to go to shoot sunrise at this amazingly beautiful lake in Bavarian Alps was...


The Nature over here, just asked me to take a photograph...
and i just made it...
the place might be looking much more better, when captured in professional camera
but unfortunately i have a smartphone...
even though, i'm satisfied...


This photo was taken near the city of Pula in Croatie. We had beautiful sunsets every night, with a lovely peace of coast where this fisherman was easing his way to catch some dinner :)

I thought this was a nice capture just below the setting sun, while he was taking a rest, probably enjoying the view as well

View of Mandani Peak from Mandani Valley

This photo is from an 8 day hike from Ransi village, Uttarkhand, India to Kedarnath Temple in the Himalayas. The trek passes through the beautiful Mandani Valley where legend says that Devi Durga slew the demon Mahishasura.

When I got out of the tent at 5:00 am to photograph the peak, it was covered in thick clouds. I waited for around...


As I was going through my old photos this photo came up and Mandalay Bay was right there in my face zoomed in. Never have I posted this photo before because it didn't show the full Vegas strip, but I new exactly what to do when I found it again. So I added the VEGAS STRONG text and blended it into the clouds to give it that extra touch it...

Just before the sun washed out the scene

Had a chance to do this hike with Michael Hellen and started the loop just after sunrise. This was the last waterfall we saw before the sun peaked over the mountains and washed out the scene. Was able to grab some light beams casting through the mist as we were both perched precariously on a slick muddy slope above the creek.


Aurora Over Ruokosaari

Would love some CC. The community has always been so kind in terms of telling what they loved and what they love to see improved. Expecting the same on this one too.

Balanced Rock Arches National Part

Decided to take a different view of Balanced Rock in Arches NP. Most pictures you see show the rock from the road/parking lot, so I decided to try something different. Didn't get there until it was almost dark, but the sky worked out.

Implied Sunset

I shot this a couple days ago at Haystack Rock in Oregon. Dealing with the incoming tide to give me some line streaks was an interesting challenge. With that being said, I love the look of this image and the almost flaring on the left hand side. My question is that since it's obviously a sunset and it being implied, would I have been better off...

Tahquamenon Falls

Upper Tahquamenon Falls, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, from a visit a couple of years ago.

I took several different exposures to see the effect on the water movement, with times ranging from 2 sec to 15 sec. This was the 15 second exposure, and my favorite.

Horseshoe Bend

I took this photo at sunset in Horseshoe Bend. I changed the lens to a 14mm to capture the entire river bend with some rocks just below me in the edge of the cliff. A little help of the tripod (inclined ahead) was needed too to do the shot. :)

Ship Wreck

Shot this at Fort Stevens state park in Oregon. Used a 4 minute long exposure to get the cloud streaks. Also shot an earlier one with the sunset. CC is welcome.

6000 Feet

Would love some critiquing on this image I crafted whilst on a bus tour out west with my family. Any and all advice is welcomed!

Thank you
Cody Schultz

Sunrise at Sprague Lake

I took this on my recent trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park. I normally shoot Automotive and this is something different for me. I thought I would share.

Instagram Pod

I posted about creating an instagram pod in the business group but figured i would post in here as well. If anyone is interested in either starting up or adding me to a pod strictly for landscape photography, please let me know! Looking to get 10 to 15 people before starting one up...

New landscape captures

I have 3 new shots from a recent trip to Germany, Austria and Italy. Would love to hear what you guys think.

The water stream was shot at the Gollinger Waterfall in Austria. The town is the famous Hallstatt, also Austria and the Autumn lake is at Hintersee in Germany.

Ijen lake

When the clouds meets the steam of the hot lake you will see this beautiful scene.
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