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Hey group, I think we should get a new group banner photo. So how about in the comments of this post you submit one of your images and based on the up votes we can decide what one gets picked.

*** As you can see if you're browsing on a computer, the banner is stretched quite wide and not very tall. Not all images are going to look good...


This is a shot at Vestrahorn mountain near Stoksness, Iceland. I took this in January 2017. The winter had been mild, and there hadn't been a lot of snow. We came back for a second day to shoot, and it had snowed a little the night before, and it looked like the mountain had a layer of powdered sugar on it. I was pretty pleased with the results...

The Tuscan Hangover

Tuscany in Spring and Autumn can be magical.

Belvedere is the most photographed villa in Tuscany, but the settings are just too good to resist.

Looking for some Cc on this classic frame.


I took this shot in the desert of Saudi Arabia where I found this lonely camel in this vast desert.

Galveston Tx Pleasure Pier

Had the opportunity to head down to Galveston Tx this last weekend for a quick getaway. Captured these images.

Developed in Lightroom, edited in Photoshop, Nik effects

Constructive Comments and Criticism welcome.

Faroe Islands

Hi everyone

I've spent one week back in April to explore Faroe Islands and I would like to share some of the shots with you - feel free to drop a comment :-)

The Nun's Beach

These two images were taken at a place called The Nun's Beach in the south of Ireland. I was wondering if I could get peoples views on selling landscape images from ill-defined or not well known/ recognisable locations (there's a better word/phrase that I'm looking for but it's not coming to me!).

Most people I speak to say they want or...

Awesome Sunrise over Golden Gate Bridge

I had an awesome early morning hike up the Marin headlands near San Francisco last weekend for the latest episode of my vlog. Here is an image taken from the shoot.

Watch how I took this image here -

- comments really appreciated!

Shooting animals and birds

Just something for those of us who like animals and birds, etc. Taken on a walk through a local river side park. Canadian goose heading out into the St. Mary's river.

Lighthouse of Kermorvan - Britanny

The lighthouse of Kermorvan, is the most western terrestrial lighthouse of France, it was a nice calm sunset, you don't always NEED a dramatic sky to make a good landscape shot, clearly it's often better, but If you have the correct light, you can always achieve something correct.

As landscapers, the problem is that we often tend to...

Patagonia.. when's the best time to go?

Looking into a trip to Patagonia, and I'm wondering when is the best time to go. The options are March-early May. I understand that the weather is pretty unpredictable, but would like to know if there is a time when it is a little less stormy. Also, any recommendations for guides would be appreciated...

Lower Kananaskis lake

Located in Alberta, Canada. Lower Kananaskis lake it's a great spot to play with reflections and long exposures. Great area to explore landscapes and wildlife. post process this one on lightroom and photoshop

Landscapes from Australia

Just learning about this site. Wanted to post some photos in to this group and seemed to have to create a group post to place photos here. I welcome advice in how to do this, if this is not the right way. Thanks

Cap fréhel, britanny, France

View of the cap fréhel in north Britanny, the evening was really quiet, low tide, no big vawes, no wind, really a nice calm atmosphere to enjoy.

But I can also imagine this place, when the strong storms are going to hit these coasts ...

Which Camera System should I take?

I'm traveling to Moab, Utah this weekend by Motorcycle. I can't decide which camera system to take with me: My Sony A7R II or my new Fujifilm X-T2.

I'll be shooting landscape and astro/night photography, so I'll take about 3-4 lenses either way. (e.g. 16-35mm for landscape, a 20mm or 24mm fast prime for astro photography, and a mid-range...

Midnight sun

One of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten Islands. People looking at a silent, beautiful midnight sun. Hour about 00.30. No wind. Really cold. Only one man with his tripod walking on waters to shot a picture. Lucky man, lucky moment.
May 29th 2017. Flakstad beach. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Kinbane head.

I arrived long before the sunrise had started so I had plenty of time to find a good composition. Though as I waited I realized that the sky was completely clear so I didnt hold high hopes of getting an interesting sky but just as I thought all was lost, a few clouds rolled in and rested right behind the headland.

Robin Feeding Young

Recently we noticed robins flying out of what is an ornamental spiral evergreen that we decided to let grow in. The tree is located just off our driveway near the corner of our brick house. The backside the tree is mostly open due to the proximity to the brick and we presume also by the heat generated by the all day sun that area receives....

Sunset in Tharon, French coast near Nantes

This is a view of the fishing cabins of Tharon, 50 km away from Nantes in France.

The light was particulary superb yesterday evening, with a golden atmosphere.

In landscape photography, especially in seascape, you often have to be wet to get the shot you want, it was typically the case.

Took with a fujifilm x-pro2 and the...

Photography & Depression - A Journey.

I recently put some words(and pictures) to paper about how landscape photography helped and I have decided to stick them out there in the big bad world, feedback more than welcome.